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    Post your gaming collection

    I couldn't find the thread that I saw about that thread that has the topic related to the stuff.


    I only have a pc, and it's all that I want as I've had a ps1,ps2,ps3.
    xbox,360 and played most of the games they all have to offer.

    I love all consoles , especially the playstation for metal gear solid and disgaea.
    i loved xbox for halo, fable and what not.
    but now I love my PC. it has the internet, games, forums, youtube, facebook.
    and it has a lot of games you'll never get on a console.
    not only that but you can get different keyboards and mouse that can add to the experience.
    for example you can have a keyboard with a FN + ( 1 to 4 ) that increases the keystroke rate. Or different keys or lights or coloured keys. you can get mouses with rubber grips and buttons and different pointer or speeds.

    that's enough of why I choose to be a PC gamer but I hope to see this thread be active.

    Also if you dont have physical copies of games post your steam games list or downloaded games that you own on your console in here too!

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    Re: Post your gaming collection

    Never had a console so I only have PC games, can't be bothered about it though.
    [spoiler:3nl6zfb9]Only have old game cases because once I discovered downloading I haven't paid for a game since.[/spoiler:3nl6zfb9]
    Might post a picture of it later today when I get home, hopefully Rome total war 2 will be my newest addition seeing as it's one of the few rare games I do really want to buy. Not sure if they bring it out on CD though.
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