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Thread: The Last Of Us

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    Tychus Findlay

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    The Last Of Us

    The Last of Us "Hush" Trailer - YouTube

    I've heard about this game coming out for a few months now, but I never really took interest in finding out what it was about. Well I just recently saw this trailer for it and I gotta say it looks pretty fucking sweet. I'm a huge zombie fan, but most zombie games turn out to be really generic. Obviously one of my favorites was Dead Space and it wasn't because they were just zombies, they added a spin to it and made them alien-like zombies. Which made the game ten times more fun in my opinion.

    Well supposedly The Last Of Us is doing the same thing in a way. Except they're not using aliens or zombies, it's more of a viral infection that's spread through the air from spores that form when someone who was infected dies. Some of the sneak peaks to the gameplay look really interesting too. It's not like Left 4 Dead, where you just blow the fuck out of every zombie you see. It seems to have a sense of stealth to it, kind of like Dishonored, which was another great game in my opinion.

    I can tell the game has a lot of potential. And with that said, I wouldn't mind supporting the company and actually buying the game when it first comes out. But what are your guys opinions on this?

    Edit: Oh and does anyone else know if there will be a PC version available? After doing some research it says it's a PS3 exclusive, but I've seen people adjust Xbox 360 games that were originally only made for the Xbox 360 and made them playable on the PC by adjusting all the buttons to work with the w,a,s,d keys etc. So I was just curious if anyone knows if that is likely to happen?

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    It's a ps3 exclusive from Naughty Dog, so the answer is no. All of their games have been on the playstation platform since Crash Bandicoot.


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