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    Metro: Last Light

    No Metro: Last Light thread? Surprised. And disappointed.
    However, how many of you have played and finished it? Has anyone experienced a near-perfect immersion with the game world and characters as much as I did? I certainly hope so. If not, that's okay too. If this isn't exactly the genre that honeys down your heart, then simply avoid it.
    I'd like to quote an article from Sydney Morning Herald's "Digital Life". It goes like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by SMH
    [...]What follows is a non-stop cascade of fights, stealth, philosophical debate, political intrigue, and betrayal as Artyom's quest leads him through some of the most dangerous places in the Metro. Without meaning to, Artyom becomes the one person standing between the last remnants of humanity and one final war that will kill them all.

    It sounds pretty grim and depressing, and to be honest, it is. This is not a criticism, though, but an enthusiastic compliment. The Metro series presents us with the first-person shooter genre filtered through survival horror. Lights, shadows, and sudden darkness are all used to great effect, so that even battles against human opponents are incredibly nerve-racking.

    Overall, this is a game that will get your pulse rate up, scare the hell out of you, break your heart, and make you get righteously angry at the crappy way some people treat other people. It will ask you to consider deep questions about the inherent destructive nature of humanity, and whether the small sparks of decency you may find make the human race worth saving.

    It's a little too easy and a little too linear, and it's still a big buggy and glitchy despite being a big improvement over the first game in the series, but it's still an amazing experience, far more emotionally affecting that almost any other game on the market. This is a game that wants to leave you feeling upset and unsettled, and it does an excellent job of it.

    Read more: Metro: Last Light - Beauty in the darkness
    Long story short: I nearly cried at the ending, and trust me when I say that, I'm really not the one to whine like a little girl at a game (usually). But this was probably the only exception up until now. So shocked and amazed I was, such a strong interpretation of the message I had, that I decided to make a thread solely dedicated to this all-around fantastic work of art, in which I'd like to hear your opinions on the game as well.

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    I loved Metro 2033 quite a bit and I have yet to try this game. But from what i've seen, it plays out pretty similarly but with more overworld play.


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