Before I get into this thread, I would like to say: yes, I know ipwnall had made a thread about the new Animal Crossing game but on account of having to bump the thread after it is showing its age, I decided to create a new thread to house the discussions of the game.

For starters, how many of you fellow members have the game or want the game? If you have it, how far are you guys into it and are you enjoying it? This thread is just for main discussion on the new game and is a place for everyone to upload their Friend Codes so we can all play together.

I, for one, am enjoying New Leaf after not playing it for about two weeks. My luck just seems a lot better with the game since I started to collect the Zelda items from Nookling Junction and started to find hard to find bugs in my town. I will ask though, how have you guys been making your bells? I'd like to expand my house; however, 40k bells just seems like a whole hell of a lot just to pay the loan off?