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    Oculus Rift Goggles!

    Oculus Rift 1080p HD Prototype Hands-On at E3 2013 - YouTube

    War Thunder on the Oculus Rift Pt. 1 - YouTube

    This is probably already old news to everyone, but they look pretty awesome.
    Imagine visiting some foreign paradise or jumping from a plane...

    Soon we can have game suits with the ability to move arms and run in some huge designed halls with game fitting obstacles... :Q__

    Ok, no one cares :c
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    I care. It's just like you said, this is old news so I think that's why no one's posting.

    I'm excited for what the future holds though. I still remember the VirtualBoy which was a pile of shit. That thing absolutely sucked. It's good that they can make virtual reality which works these days. I think it's cool how you look around and the camera in the game moves with your head. It's going to be super awesome a couple of years from now when these are massively produced and they're a little cheaper to buy.

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    Tested them on the GC, i think it was the 720p version and like, you could stand in line for HAWKEN and some no-name racing game, guess the line I was in..
    And like you couldn't even play the game itself because once you got your goggles on and the headset thingy, you couldn't see shit and nobody gave me the controller, so I guess it was just a fancy demo showcase. Was pretty amazing nonetheless though it was blurry as all hell cause I took off my glasses before. Turned out you didn't had to. I'd much rather played HAWKEN though but whatever. Just looking around in the cockpit of the car was pretty amazing itself.

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