So if you have me on Steam (Lolzafeesh if you want to add me and play games etc) you will probably know I've been playing a lot of this (50 hours in 2 weeks, *sigh*).

First impressions:

1) Naval battles are so shit and pointless you don't need a navy at all. How on earth can simple soldiers build ships capable of ramming and withstanding rams? The entire premise of them is redundant and I auto-resolve all battles at sea (if I ever even get one any more). Doesn't help the AI is fucking stupid and either a clusterfuck happens or you get this if you have a ballista ship: (the enemy is anchoring and getting raped by the ballista.

2) Provinces are a nice addition, I like them. Makes a change from allowing you to get every city into a powerhouse relatively quickly.

3) For Rome: Legionaries come waaaayyyy too quickly. You can get some of the best troops which I would consider late game troops in ~10 turns. This is ridiculously OP and makes it too easy for you when you're playing as Rome and is really hard on higher difficulties to cope with Rome's onslaught. Of course they're meant to be more powerful than other nations, but Gaius Marius' reforms came in like 100BC not 250BC.

4) Sieging AI are actually retarded. Even if they build siege equipment, all of the infantry run up to the gates and throw the flaming sticks (which do too much damage for on fire fucking twigs).

5) Carthage are shit. They destroyed the Romans until around 200BC yet I can easily kill them with any faction in around 15-20 turns on higher difficulties.

6) this video still has some points; Total War: Rome II Angry Review - YouTube but a lot of the problems have been fixed thankfully.

7) what

8) The AI build so many fucking armies filled with just slingers which I can kill in ~2 minutes with 3 units of heavy cavalry.

9) No seleucid empire, yet.

10) The political feature is confusing with all this support system and even after 50 hours of gameplay I do not get it. Civil wars are also retarded and pointless (either they spawn 20 fucking armies filled with brick-shit-house buttfuckers or 2 armies of slingers).

11) A lot of features from Rome 1 aren't included like Guard Mode when fighting battles, a family tree (how do I know when my family has a fucking general coming up, help me out game, jesus) and Trading settlements.

12) It's still really fun and I've been playing it loads, clearly.

13) Creative Assembly also funded this series and it's great, should be in a playlist that I made so do watch it.