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    Mighty No.9 Kickstarter

    Mighty No. 9 by comcept USA, LLC — Kickstarter
    The guy who produced Megaman is thinking of creating a new character, for a change.

    Watcha think of it so far?

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    Nothing can change Megaman.Too bad Capcom is so shitty.

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    When I first saw this, my initial thought was that the guy was just leeching on his former glory by remaking an old game of his with a new name.

    Even though I still think this is the case, I came to realize that this seems to be a great game nonetheless and is at least a lot better than any of the modern Megaman games. Definitely think this has potential, looks like a rock solid game so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ado dragon View Post
    Nothing can change Megaman.Too bad Capcom is so shitty.
    Capcom itself isn't the issue, it's just the people in charge at Capcom. Capcom has the mentality of making whatever they want despite how good or bad it is which I can agree with since they are the publisher/developers; however, they never listen to their fans. Fans clamor that they want a new Street Fighter game, and the heads at Capcom release Street Fighter IV X Edition (X implying whatever version we are currently on). Capcom has made some good games but they don't cater to what the gaming community truly wants which in the long run only hurts Capcom since they are losing money on series' that haven't gotten as much attention. If Capcom would stop and think for one second, maybe then we'd get something that isn't a complete rehash but I wouldn't hold your breath. The company itself has a great library of games, but the heads in charge at Capcom are in it for nothing but money sadly. It's how gaming companies are getting nowadays and that's why Capcom has such a bad reputation these days. I will be the first to admit that I do like Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, despite what people say, but the mass majority of gamers hate the games because it strays away from what the fans want.
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