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    Trying to find the ideal keyboard

    I've been trying to find the keyboard that match my preference, but I can't to find any that will be sufficient.

    Here is what I want in a keyboard:
    -Cherry MX Blue
    -Black Case
    -Red or tri-colour LED
    -Macro keys

    It seems like the keyboards I have seen so far only meet most of what I'm looking for; I can't seem to find the ideal keyboard.

    For instance, the Steelseries Apex would have been the ideal keyboard if only it had Cherry MX Blue Keys.
    I also looked at the Razer Blackwidow which has everything I was looking for except the LED colour is green. I have seen guides on how to replace LEDs in a keyboard, but whether it's worth the trouble is another matter.
    Max Keyboards have Cherry MX Blue keys, has black case and can have whatever LED lights you want, but they don't have macro keys.

    And so on...

    If anyone might know a keyboard or brand that may suit what I'm looking for, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I suppose the feature I would be most willing to give up would be macro keys (which would likely end up having me purchase a Max Keyboard).

    So far I looked at:

    -Cooler Master
    -Max Keyboard

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    You could build your own custom keyboard, just choose the core you like and build upon it.


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