I don't know if any of you play KSP, but if you do, I have quite a treat.

My first build in KSP is a Space Plane - the Mark 3, which is loosely based off the SR-71 Blackbird. Since it is a jet, it cannot operate in space, but is extremely efficient in the upper parts of the atmosphere, as it has a maximum functioning altitude of about 25 kilometers, and can reach hyper-sonic speeds quite easily. Equipped with one basic jet engine and two turbojet engines, the Mark 3 sports plenty of thrust. Due to the three aforementioned jet engines, the Mark 3 is also equipped with a number of air intakes to provide the jets with necessary oxygen. Due to a slow cruising speed at sea level, the Mark 3 is also equipped with a number of radial-mounted solid-fuel thrusters to get a little boost while in lower parts of the atmosphere. As it is a recon jet, it requires a massive amount of electricity, and is equipped with four radioisotope thermoelectric generators on the underside. Equipped on the sides of the jet are for landing, the Mark 3 has both landing gear and a radial-mount parachute. Mounted in the landing gear are electric lights, used during tricky landings at night.

This whole ship told me three hours to build and an hour of test flights. Many good Kerbanauts died in the making of this ship. You can find the download here. Enjoy!