well, after installing msn, i logged in, and it didn't work. i got something that said msn could be blocked on my firewall. so i go to the firewall settings, and get this.

"windows firewall setting cannot be displayed because the associated service is not running. do you want to start the windows firewall/internet connection sharing (ics) service?"

i click yes and,

"windows cannot start the firewall/internet connection sharing (ics) service."

so first, i go through hours of crap and i fix it. i go to the firewall settings and put msn the allow list. now i try reinstalling the (ics) service.

but when i get to "Right-click your network connection, and select Properties.", i have a these three.
1-1394 connection
connected, firewalled 1394 net adapter

2-local area connection 2
connected, firewalled realtek rtl 8139 family pci...

3- local area connection 3
network cable unplugged, fire via rhine III management ad...

... which do i chose to go onto the later steps on the website.