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    Cool Music Video Competition

    Hi Animators!

    We will be soon running a competition to animate a music video clip for some upcoming indie artists. You will be given a brief about the artist and the song, what the song is about and the thoughts behind it, a short clip of the music.

    You will then be asked to demonstrate your ideas in an animated clip that is 15 seconds (maximum) long. The artist will choose from the submissions and the winner will be paid to make the music video for the entire song!

    We have not quite finalized all the details of the competition, but we are looking to get in touch with animators who are interested in participating! So please let me know if this sounds interesting for you by replying here or by PM, and we will update you all with the details once we have everything ready!


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    This would be a really cool thing to do, however, pivot is unfortunately a very limited program and would be extremely hard to make something like this.
    If somebody here is up for it then great!
    I think flash animation would be more suited for this kind of thing.
    Here is a forum with very talented flash animators on it ^ Try asking there too!

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