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Thread: "Stick Nodes" Released - Mobile stickfigure animation app!

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    Cool "Stick Nodes" Released - Mobile stickfigure animation app!

    Hey guys, got some news. You'll never guess.

    Yeah, my app Stick Nodes is finally done, out of beta, and released! Just a quick thanks to everyone who tried out the beta and helped me find bugs and tweaks to make, it definitely helped.

    You can get more information and screenshots on the Google Play listing page:

    Free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...oss.sticknodes
    Pro version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....sticknodespro

    (The free version had a quick ad on startup and applies a small watermark to the corner of exported .gifs, the pro version does not).

    Can't wait to see what the Animator/DarkDemon community comes up with, especially with the tweening assist, post some stuff below (or on the official Facebook page or official Google+ page).

    Oh, and if you like the app, please don't forget to give a quick rating - it really, really helps to get some ratings on the initial release week - appreciate it!

    Alright, enough nonsense, post some animations below!
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    Hey guys. So after a good amount of time, effort, and money I'm proud to announce that Stick Nodes is now available on the Apple App Store. Those of you with iOS devices can now get in on the fun. Here are the links:

    [iOS free version]
    [iOS pro version]

    For more information on the iOS release, check the official website: Stick Nodes - Mobile Stickfigure Animation App

    Also don't forget about the official social media pages:

    I'll be checking in for any comments, hope you guys enjoy it!

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    Just a quick update to any .stk creators out there - the Stick Nodes website has been updated with a new page where users can submit and download new stickfigures to use in their animations.

    The current library: Stickfigures | Stick Nodes
    The submit page: Submit Stickfigure | Stick Nodes

    If any of you guys have any stickfigures you've created and want to share with others, I'd really love if you submitted them!

    Now, the submission form only accepts .nodes files (the Stick Nodes equivalent of .stk). I understand if you have some kickass .stk files but don't feel like converting them. If this is the case, please just leave a post or PM me with link(s) to your .stks and I'll convert and submit them on your behalf.

    There is one catch if you want to submit your .stk files, they need to be made with Pivot 2.2.7 or earlier (you can use Pivot 4 to down-save them, though).

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    Not many replies, but I'm sure people are still reading this topic every now and then

    I just wanted to get the word out that Stick Nodes is still growing and getting better every day.

    First off, the stickfigure library has been growing thanks to the contribution of some awesome users. A special thanks to Sean for creating nearly all of the DBZ characters featured on the site, they look pretty awesome.

    In terms of features, Stick Nodes has seen some nice improvements over the last few versions. We're currently up to version 1.2.6 (the iOS free version is still on 1.2.5 and is pending review). Some of the latest changes include being able to zoom out to 50% (easier to move things outside of frame), stickfigure locking, a new "split segment" button, lots of creation-tools enhancements, submit/download stickfigures buttons, and a lot more!

    And last of all, I'm currently working on the next release, 1.2.7. This will be a big one featuring one of the most helpful tools of all - undo and redo!

    Here are the links for download in case I convinced you to check it out:
    Google Play | App Store

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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to make another news post here. A new update has been released (1.2.7) with a really awesome feature - undo/redo! No need to be afraid to make mistakes anymore.

    (This update is currently only available to Android users. The iOS update will go live later this week, the wait period for the App Store review process is really slow, sorry!)

    Stick Nodes on Google Play.

    Here's the full changelog:
    • Undo/redo has been added! No need to be afraid to make mistakes anymore! (Up to 20 actions remembered.)
    • Double-tap the canvas to return to the default zoom.
    • "Is loop" checkbox added under tweening checkbox to have looping animations tween seamlessly.
    • Fixed a bug where a pasted frame sometimes didnít tween.
    • Updated the splash screen.
    • Changed the Android launch icon to match the iOS icon.
    • Many other minor tweaks and fixes.

    And of course, new stickfigures are being added to the library all the time, so check it out from time to time if you want new stickfigures to use!

    Also, not to be annoying, but if you have a Google+ account (even if you don't use it), I'd really appreciate you just clicking the "Follow" button for the Stick Nodes page. The more likes an app has the better it ranks in the Google Play store, so you'd really be helping me out! I'd appreciate it a ton!

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    Red Apple Technologies also build apps for any platform, any device. Please check our site - redappletech(dot)com.

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    Just wanted to check in and update anyone on the progress of Stick Nodes. There have been a few updates since the last one I posted about here. Specifically, updates 1.2.8, 1.2.9, 1.3.0, and as of yesterday - 1.4.0!

    Google Play: [Link]
    App Store: [Link]

    Lots of updates are included among all of those updates, but here are the updates specifically for version 1.4.0:

    • Background images! You can now load an image from your device to use as a background.
    • Check under “Project Tools”.
    • Improvements to gif encoding for more reliable color reduction when using more than 256 colors.
    • Choose between exact (stylus) or approximate (fingers) precision under “Project Tools”.
    • Bug fix: App sometimes crashed when user closed it.
    • Bug fix: Individual segment scale wasn’t affected by stickfigure’s scale.
    • Bug fix: Stickfigures couldn’t be unlocked after they were locked.
    • Bug fix: Some devices would show “messed up” text and images after resuming the app.
    • Bug fix: Some memory fixes and enhancements.
    • Many other minor tweaks and fixes.

    (Just a note, version 1.4.0 is only live for Android users at the moment, iOS will follow soon!)

    There have also been some tutorials made to help you get acquainted with the app, see the tutorials page for those.

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    Wow, long time no post.

    I've still been hard at work keeping Stick Nodes up-to-date. There's been a few updates since my last post, but the latest version (1.5.0) just went live for iOS (Android had the update about a week ago). This update brings one of the most-requested features - textfields.

    Yep, here's the changelog for this version:
    - Textfields! Finally add text to your animations!
    - Increased quality of MP4 exports (Pro version only)
    - Added Play and Stop buttons to the right of the timeline for easier access.
    - Stickfigures and segments can now be scaled down to 0.01 (old limit was 0.1).

    Just wanted to keep this thread updated with the latest Stick Nodes happenings. It's been doing very, very well in all marketplaces and I couldn't be happier that so many are enjoying my app. I used to spend all day playing with Pivot when I was younger so I know how you guys feel.

    More news and updates to come, will be posting them on the main site [Link]. Also, new Stick Nodes stickfigures are being submitted by users all the time: [Stickfigure library]


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