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    Yeah my sister saw this and had to show me it. It almost made me cry D:
    It is really good.

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    .......................lol Awesomeness: Alot
    ...I didn't cry but I got chills..IT AR A SIGN!

    I shouldn't be aethiest anymore >_>

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    It was a pretty well preformed act, but I don't want to cry. I'm not the biggest fan of touchy, emotional stuff. Not trying to act tough or anything, but it really doesn't have much emphasis on my emotions. Still, it's alright I guess.

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    That place, in the one country.
    I thought it was good, and well done. I'm not going to go to a whole religious speech, but i just wanted to say that this was very good, and that it does portray everything that "they" do. (i'm using a pronoun for privacy reasons. If others are offended by the mentioning of gods, or other religious figures, then I have no right to hammer it down on them.)

    Edit: i was too focused on being nice that i forgot to be specific, i love how they portrayed the bad things in life, and how fighting through it, getting away from it, and getting a little help, can pull your through... and make you the happiest, i thought it was the best message that was sent, besides the obvious one. Great idea for whoever came up with it


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