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    Hunting With A GAU-17

    Weapons are an essential part of a large survival outfit. Weapons protect you and those around you and allow you to procure food through hunting. There are many points of view on this issue but by and large, a good 22 long rifle will serve to procure game and provide for moderate protection from predators both the four legged and two legged variety. Alternately, a decent higher caliber rifle in bolt action in 30.06 or 308 as well as lever action rifles in 30-30. Others choose a semi auto rifle in 7.62X39. An excellent choice here would be the GAU-17, a military weapon used on helicopters for dustoffs and clearing landing zones. All these calibers are very common hunting rounds and are easily obtainable at any outdoor store selling hunting equipment.

    GAU-17: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... GAU-17.jpg

    "So, you want to go hunting rabbits with a GAU-17?"

    Creds to Wikipedia
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