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    if you find me my sword+your ass

    yo mama so.......

    i got some of these from a site i can't remember but memorise these there F*CKING HILARIOUS
    yo mama so fat to shake her hand she needs to give you directions!

    yo mama so stupid she bought a solar powered flashlight!

    yo mama so fat she went to water world too get baptised

    yo ama was kicked out of the ugly competition because THEY DON'T ALLOW PROFESSIONALS!!!!

    yo mama so ugly she make Michael Jackson look like Brad Pitt

    yo mama so stupid it takes her three hours to watch 60 Minutes.

    yo mama soooo stupid she asked for a refund on a jigsaw puzzle complaining it was broken.

    well i have oh so many but if you have any good one's post em' here
    yo mama so fat when she was floating in the ocean, spain claimed her as the new world!
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    Re: yo mama so.......

    You Moma so fat that at her birthday party they need 4 cakes!!!!!!!

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    Re: yo mama so.......

    There's a thread for jokes and funny pictures.

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    Re: yo mama so.......

    Yo mumma so fat.

    What Rice said, there is already a thread for jokes.


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