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    The masters challenge


    Lmao, I love the ranting of the narrator.
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    Re: The masters challenge

    I've seen most of the master's challange videos. It's a nice change from all the wanna-be IGN reporter kids taking themselves way too seriously, and a good opportunity to check the games out since he isn't very good at gaming he doesn't storm through levels. His humor is pretty lame, though, but it beats most other shit out there.

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    Re: The masters challenge

    It was a good demonstration of the gameplay, though I couldn't quite understand why he was talking like that. I did smirk when he said "Oh, goodness, we have company and that company is a grenade."

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    Re: The masters challenge

    Lol, I watched all of these awhile ago on machinima and they are fucking hilarious, I really love the narrator he is such a funny person. Resident evil 5 and resistance 2 are the best ones. I lold
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