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Thread: Wii Fail

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    Re: Wii Fail

    No matter how old this is, I still get a chuckle out of this.


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    Re: Wii Fail

    And that's why they come with wrist straps.
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    Re: Wii Fail

    Quote Originally Posted by Snr. Weird
    And that's why they come with wrist straps.
    I agree.

    I've never seen that before, I lol'd pretty hard.
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    Re: Wii Fail

    I've seen and spread news like this a hundred times before. Fails like these were popular when the Wii first came out, it's been ages since then.

    Not to mention the guy is a severe idiot who lacks common motor controls. It's stupid to place yourself so close to the TV when playing a game that involves rapid swinging motion. It's stupid to have the TV so close to the ground (and near your waist) instead of higher and closer to your head (line of sight). It's stupid not to put on a wrist strap if you do decide to place your TV so terribly.

    The guy's a moron, and almost deserves a broken TV for his lack of common sense.
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