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    The Assumption Song [Thanks mrmilso]


    dunno if its been posted before, but I found this hilarious, especially if you have a dirty mind. Directed by the creator of Left 4 Speed 1 & 2. He did not produce the song, but he DID do the flash. Thar, Faded.

    Credits to milso for showing me this wonderful vid. Repeat. Credits to mrmilso.

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    Re: The Assumption Song [Thanks mrmilso]

    Old old old old oldddd, but great.

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    Re: The Assumption Song [Thanks mrmilso]

    Technically wasn't OneyNG's because the song has been around forever basically, and has been used by almost every other comedian that I've listened to [i.e Bob Saget], but still though, I get a good chuckle out of this every time I show a friend the video. Old, but still funny.
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    Re: The Assumption Song [Thanks mrmilso]

    Lol, posted that in VIP chat a few days ago. It might still even be on the front page.

    Edit: nope. page 403
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