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    Azuritereaction - Syobon Action 2

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC2ym5sZ ... re=related
    Start of the "Let's Play"

    Saw the first part a while ago, and I must say, it's quite funny to watch this guy fail miserably at such a "hard" game. I really have nothing to say about the series itself, but after watching all 11 parts, I thought some of you might like this.
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    Re: Azuritereaction - Syobon Action 2

    Azuritereaction is awesome, and this game is hard to people not used to difficult platformers.
    Stripes would be good camouflage, if tigers weren't bright orange.
    The turtle is one part fortress, one part... mobile home.
    I love honey, but bees..
    emanating fire really cuts down on cozy nest options.


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