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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Yeah, this is really old*, but it really doesn't matter.

    When I saw this for first time I laughed so hard.

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Haha, I had an American music teacher once who thought that Danish, Deutsch, and Dutch were the same thing.
    what is homo love?

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    I laughed so hard when that guy said four sides to a triangle.

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Even if it is a compilation, people shouldn't be that stupid.
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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    The 3 world wars thing made me totally lose it. same thing with 4 sides and that star wars thing.

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Pahahaha, perfect.


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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abadax
    Quote Originally Posted by Crumpleberry Jenkins
    Quote Originally Posted by Snake
    Obviously. They targeted everyone that looked stupid. Rednecks etc.
    I know, but in my opinion, EVERYONE over the age of 8 yrs should know how many sides a triangle has. Unless they maybe just brain-farted, I do that a lot.
    brain farts do not expel 1st grade math. They only make you forget what you were going to say. in my experience at least.
    well for me i forget what i have to say and i know i need to say something so i say something random, in this case, something other than 3.
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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    I feel incredibly embarrassed by this video, being from the US myself. so in order to clean myself up i have to list the proper answers to all the questions. Correct me on any that i got wrong
    • Uganda
      Coalition of the willing (I alphabet ordered these, i might have missed some) [spoiler:3azzyfu3]Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Micronesia, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Palau, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Rwanda, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Uzbekistan[/spoiler:3azzyfu3]
      Mainly Judaism
      Nobody won
      Former president of Cuba
      Three sides obviously
      British Pound?
      Nobody, it's a stale war
      False, Kofi annan is a Ghanaian diplomat
      Former prime minister of the United Kingdom
      Varies. Term used by bush usually to describe, Iraq, North Korea, and Iran
      Neil Armstrong
      A center of worship for peoples belonging to the religion of Islam.
      Two kidneys
      Unintended Damage
      Two world wars
      False in terms of the movie. True in terms of the Strategic Defense Initiative
      The countries in which first use of nuclear weapons in warfare were used against, in World War II
      An Islamic militant group
      Berlin, Germany. Dumbshits
      False. It's mainly Spanish and Portuguese
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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    I'm sure if an american reporter went on the streets of the United Kingdom and went asking people similar questions, he would many responses similar to these and just edit out the ones that were correct. Obviously America is not that dumb as we are the number 1 military super power right now. I hate people giving Americans a bad name.

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Thank god I'm only half Dip Sh- American.

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