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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    I'm a United Sates Soldier, and this video really embarrassed me.
    True, It's a complication/montage of people messing up on simple questions, but I mean, HOW THE HELL could you think a triangle has 4 sides?

    Sometimes I wonder if I've chosen the right career defending these idiots.

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    Fuck the south.
    Quote Originally Posted by cold_sausage
    tht is a 2 word post pls add more 2 yor comment or i will report you to the mods

    i dun think this is real just fake

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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    I realized they were idiots a 4:20.
    I lol'd at the guy that didn't know the state where kentucky fried chicken came from.
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    Re: Americans Are NOT Stupid.

    LOLOLOLOL I am American and I am not that stupid, what fucking retards. LOL

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