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Thread: smrtrchld scrpt

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    smrtrchld scrpt

    check out this smartrchld script.

    Out at Rock Concert. says:
    are you married

    - SmarterChild - says:
    uh, i'm not married, no.

    Out at Rock Concert. says:
    can i marry you

    - SmarterChild - says:
    sorry. i don't think that would work.

    Out at Rock Concert. says:
    why. Is it because i is balck?

    - SmarterChild - says:
    what do u think is the answer?

    Out at Rock Concert. says:

    - SmarterChild - says:
    <--- Click 4 Courtesy

    SX rools =P

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    Theres been plenty of things like this, theres probably even a thread. We dont need un-needed stuff like this.


    :edit: there is indeed a Instant messenger thread
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