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    funny song, never ends

    see it!, i mean hear it! Now

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    AAAH!! El espanol!!! OMFG!!!! and that made my ears bleed...but seriously, too many of those "continuously looped annoying songs accompanied by random anime crap" going arounds...
    I'm gay.

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    Up the creek without a job. :(
    Haha , I really like that song :/ . Anywhoo , I found this a few weeks ago . It's great [: > .
    Thanks for the avatar/Signature, Ober.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon
    Simon - 300 is the sexiest film i've ever laid eyes on says:
    M'kay... looks so god damn sexy
    BloodyBuddy says:
    Yes, Trogan men were so sexy.
    Simon - 300 is the sexiest film i've ever laid eyes on says:
    Yeah, specially in their tight pants...

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    In the center of a cherry pie.
    Cool, after hearing that for 10 minutes, you get a disease called "Craziness Caused by an Anime Song." Known side effects include wacking a tree with a lentil and hear a weird song every time you see a girl.


    Anyways, there is a better version that tells you what time it is while the song goes on. It's at I-am-bored.

    Wtf are those things?

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    ctf_Ash, but beating Joel.
    That Is anoying! But I'd say http://www.legit.dk is still more disturbing...

    (that song is still going on my comp and the window is shut down! HELP!


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