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    I had a woman make one of these for me when I went to New York City. There were a few of them that would do it on the streets of Times Square for everyone to see as they walked by. It was really fucking amazing because I got to watch her make the entire thing. Granite she didn't do it in 40 seconds, it took her about 2 minutes, but it was still astonishing. Especially because she was able to replicate the statue of liberty along with one of the most realistic sunsets I've seen and a city scape background. She even added a bridge going across the front of it at an angle and the giant planet in the background kind of like the one in the guy's picture in the video you linked. I'm not sure how she made it so detailed in just 2 minutes, but she got the proportions spot on. And I would gladly pay 50$ to see her do it again.


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