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    Mother abuses son, son wants to stay with dad, mom tries to press charges on dad

    they are divorced btw

    Watch until around 9 minutes, then skip to around the 50 minute mark to watch from there. Idk if this should go in the debate section, however since it is a video, i'll leave it here unless staff says otherwise.

    Son: "I don't want to get out"
    Mom: "I'm sorry, you're a child, you don't get to make all the decisions"

    are you fucking kidding me
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    The father being called Caleb, it's really weird to see her face the camera and say something to a person with the same name as I have.

    And clearly the kid has made his own decision, yet the woman's so fucking stupid about it.

    Edit: Wow, whenever someone else gets involved that woman just suddenly starts crying, she feels so fake.

    Edit2: Smart thing to get the cops involved when you've abused your son by the way. That's sorta stupid.

    Edit3: She gets more irrelevant the further I watch.
    Also "What do I do officer?" could be in a kids' tv show, especially the way she said it
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    What he did there's amazing, even tough I kinda feel sorry for his mom, but what she did there was stupid as well.

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    "I will hit you again"

    Yea, the officer should've just arrested her then and there. Pretty much a confession to child abuse right there.


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