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    kumon sucks, funny letter!

    K, so this kid randomly handed some pamphlet to me in my school and ran, it was about kumon, a math help thing and how it sucks. i already knew this before but this is just too much, its like sony fanboy in a way, every guy has its limits..

    and now the letter, just remember --- is quotes from moi


    What's KUMON? Well kumon is a math and reading program supposedly used to "help" kids in math and reading. Well every kid knows it's a load of crap invented by a retarded virgin: TORU KUMON.
    --- oh yes lets make fun of virgins now...

    I know what some people are thinking "doesn't toru kumon have a son?" well here's the truth: he adopted him, yeah, poor sucker that we all feel sorry for.
    --- now adopted people? and what has that have to do with math help?

    Why is kumon so bad? For those who already take kumon, I don't need to tell you why, but for those of you who don't, you're probably thinking that it's good for you and will help you in math and eventually in life... Don't worry, i started out thinking that too. But look at me now! im on the verge of rebelling. so just to let you know, kumon=gayness. It doesnt help you at all in math.
    --- maybe because it's for 7-12? and rebelling wtf, some life you have.

    It's only extra work that stresses you out, its completely useless. the adults like it so much because dont have to do any work...
    --- wow, so you think they signed you up because the dont need to do anything, you're smart.

    While us kids are suffering they keeping on spreading the word saying its soooo good... geez i wish that adults would listen to their kids for once and not some other adults so they can view things our way.
    --- i can imagine you being president of the united states, last person i'd vote for.


    So how to stop kumon. Kumon is like cancer, it can't be cured but you can be saved.
    --- nice philosiphy ya got there...

    SPREAD THE NEWS! KUMON SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. i know this will not be very affective, especially when adults are in control but it may give some kids a chance. To avoid it, get good grades in math...
    --- etc, etc, now here comes the spaz part.

    DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE IT'S NOT WORTH IT! HOPEFULLY ABOUT A DECADE FROM NOW, SOMEONE WILL REBEL AND KILL ALL THOSE KUMON DIRECTORS AND AND KILL THAT VIRGIN ASSHOLE TORU KUMON ONCE AND FOR ALL! Let's hope that after the guy rips out the lungs of toru kumon and will give every kid who has suffered at the hands of kumon and donate the rest of the money to third world contries.
    --- For math help? WTF?


    wasnt that the biggest waste of time ever? true, kumon sucks, but is it right to write a full page of hate messages to prove your point. sorry kid, you've lost my vote. thats teh end of teh pointless letter.

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    "Holy hell I hate this math tutoring program, I'm gonna write a hate letter about it and use bad words in it because I'm cool"

    That's pretty much all I got from it.

    Who cares about the history of whoever wrote it? If it works, the rest shouldn't be that important.


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