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    Short Story Comp 1

    Well i did this at school not to long ago, and it was awesome. Brought about many lols and i think it's needed to lighten up this place. All i see are serious stories.

    Here is how it is...

    Your story must:
    Include the following:
    A worm
    A Squid
    A Girl

    Be set in ONE of the following:
    Under the water
    On the moon
    In a big boat

    And you can use any of the following props (however, you must use at least 1):
    A sword
    A pineapple
    A canoe
    A briefcase
    A Hat

    You can describe any of the characters, props or settings as you wish, the name is just a loose guideline.

    Keep your story short, 1-2 paragraphs. This is for fun, id rather not read through a load of indepth stories that are serious.

    Oh, and one more thing


    Oh one more thing, you CANNOT add your own things. You gotta use what is provided ;D

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    Re: Short Story Comp 1

    One very eager little named Suzie was going to go on a fishing trip. She had the boat and worms all ready to go at her private lake. She was part of a rich family and was very energetic about her first fishing trip.

    She got on board and set out for sea. A few minutes later, she got out to a side of the boat and cast her line. Quite a few hours of no luck went right in by her, while her parents and their business associates caught many fish. She let out a weary sigh. Then suddenly, she fells large tugs on her line. She quickly jumps to it and pulls with all her might.

    She fights and fights with the creature at the other end of the line, her whole body being thrown around the ship. Her hat fell into the water in all of the violence. After a good few minutes, she pulls the sea creature up to eye level. It turns out she caught a small squid.

    The End


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    Re: Short Story Comp 1

    [center:2bxdzfuj]Wally: The Worm Warrior Went to Outer Space[/center:2bxdzfuj]
    Being stranded on the moon can lead to the insanity of anything, including Samuel; a deranged man of multiple personalities sent out as a top secret government experiment. After the first day, he had already developed a new persona; Wally. By day, he would flail around his arms in a crater, in the belief that he was fending off waves of robotic sand squids in top hats with his sword. By night, he would squirm into his burrow, for he claimed to be a worm.

    Years had past and Samuel had died, while Wally adapted. With mounds of dust, he had formed his wife, and his entrails became his supposed offspring. As a caring father, Wally was worried, as his kids never ate; rejecting moon rock after moon rock, dust mound by dust mound. They even rejected the occasional amethyst stone or quartzite that happened to collide with his crater. In the end, Wally gave up with life, and he committed a mass murder, followed by suicide, lying there on the cold hard surface, toasting in the sun.


    Written in five minutes. Forgive me if it sucks


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