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    Lost, a short memoir by me.

    By Hunter Bleich
    My experience started on a cold Sunday morning, where my friends Alex, Luke, Nick H., Nick B., and I were camping out with our Cub Scout group. I believe I was around seven or eight at the time, so as you probably assumed, I was not the smartest fellow. The night before this so called “tragic” event we stayed up late and told stories while eating our warm marshmallow treats; Alex’s story was about hikers who got lost in the woods and never came back. Ironic, huh? So that night we decided that tomorrow we would go on a good long hike through the woods.
    The next day…
    I woke up and looked to my sides; I was the last to wake up, typical. I got out of my sleeping bag and put on my proper attire, then went outside to see that they were there waiting for me. I hurried over to where they were to see what they were doing. They greeted me and I saw that they were checking our backpack for the supplies that we would need. We had everything we needed except for a compass, it took us a while but we eventually found lodged under Alex’s pillow. Now it was time for us to depart from camp, hopefully to have a nice hike through the woods.
    Nick B. found the route we took; it was a little passage through a couple of trees that took a while to get through. When we finally hacked our way through the trees we laid eyes on what may be the most beautiful forest I have ever seen. Everything was so green and full of life, we were so surprised that all that was separating us from the picturesque wood was a few flimsy trees and bushes. Despite our awe we were determined to go on this hike, so we snapped ourselves out of it and hit the trail.
    On our hike we saw many things, such as wildlife and native plants. It took us a while but we finally decided to head back. We were doing well for most of the way back, but then we got to a point where we didn’t know what to do, so we guessed. After about an hour of not returning back to camp we got a little worried and thought we took the wrong way. Nick H. suggested that we make a landmark and Luke found an anthill that we stuck a large stick in so that it was very obvious as to where it was.
    About 10 minutes of worrying later I saw something that looked very familiar, it was a passage! I proposed that we should head that way and in a minute we were over there exploring and trying to find our way ”home”. We went through my so called “passage way” and ended up going in circles about 15 times until we realized the stick in the anthill. We got angry and Alex threw his knapsack on the ground and the compass fell out. Seeing this made us remember our supplies, and cooled our jets a bit. The only bad thing about the compass was that the screen broke when Alex had his hissy fit, OH BOY!!!! We took out our whistle and Nick H. blew in to it as hard as he could, but the whistle was broken too, and no one heard it. At this point we were very demoralized and thought we would end up like the hikers in Alex’s story.
    We grew very tired and took a rest, except Luke. He kept looking and looking, then he came running at us and said that thought he had found a way back to the campsite. We got up and followed him over to a passage that looked familiar… Too familiar… It was the same passage we had been going through the whole time! I started to get angry at him but before I said anything he told us just to follow him, and we did. To our surprise we made it back to the camp! We were so happy and confused that we didn’t know what to do, so we just fell over and went to bed.
    I am still confused about how we got out of there by going the same way that we went over and over again, Luke must just be magic.

    The End

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    Re: Lost, a short memoir by me.


    Lol, nice job. Maybe pace yourself a little more, and give more description. It was just a little boring in some parts, which is against the rules of writing good material. Says I.

    But good job, its a pretty good text, despite that.

    EDIT: Make the paragraphs more defined too, please. :/

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