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    Re: Inspiration/Idea Discussion!

    War, battle, futuristic war, these are what I think are good.

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    Re: Inspiration/Idea Discussion!

    Sometimes i just have a simple meaningless idea and build on it to make something interetsing. Sometimes something just comes to me. Sometimes(although tihs may sound nerdy) i get ideas from movies and video games. I recently wrote a short story for my English class called King Crow which was partly based off of Fallout 3 and a show about these hunters. Plus i wanted to write a story where one of the characters start to go insane. >


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    Re: Inspiration/Idea Discussion!

    The best way to attain inspiration is to read books.

    No, really. They can help you craft all sorts of things, from dialogue to your descriptions of scenes. Taking said things from books isn't "stealing" as much as finding out who you are. Finding out what you want to write. Read enough of what you really like, and inspiration will strike, usually as the most annoying times.

    If anyone is into fantasy I would suggest the books from the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker universe by Karen miller. They are fantastically written and give the reader so much that they couldn't dream of before. Her work has inspired me heavily with my own recently, and even though I don't intend on posting any more work on DD; the subject matter is not STOLEN from her as much as the structure of her words have pressed deep into my head and caused my writing side to burst into fruitful harvest.

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