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    Droidzville ~ Sambob

    I made this for a contribution there at Droidz, so please dont criticise the difference from this site and Droidz. Thanks, Ill be updating and probably making different stories, not relating to Droidz. Enjoy.

    Chapter One - The City
    The blimp. The Droidzville blimp. The blimp is probably the most substantial object here. Although the Droidzville blimp does not carry passengers anymore, it is still used for advertising certain things in the city, sightseeing, surveillance, and of course: research. This light blue and dark blue striped blimp is known as Droidzvilleís special attraction.

    Every city has its own attraction; whether its theme parks, buildings, the economy, or anything else you could think of. But Droidzvilleís special attraction wasnít just a blimp, it was the blimp. There's one lucky guy in charge of the blimp, you got it: Reeves. As the pilot, he basically controls every aspect of the blimp's flight. Reeves has experienced a lot on the blimp, from screaming kids, to serious crimes. Today was the same. We thought today was another ordinary day, well, we thought so.

    Chapter Two- The Office
    Today was a diligent day for us, so the light-blue Droidzville Office was definitely busy. I entered the building, the same, familiar routine for work; marching up the stairs swiftly, whirling around the corner down the first right hall, searching for the second door on the left with a golden plaque reading: ďMr. SambobĒ. This office was home sweet home for me, most of the time. I stayed in here for long times at some days. Iíd have to say, Iím kind of dedicated. Well, without me there just might be many problems around the city, or even dangers. Now, it was time for work, just like every other morning.

    I cautiously dug around in my pocket, found the dark, silver key, and entered my office. I slowly reached toward the left and lifted the light switch up. My office was spacious, yet organized and neat. From the perspective of you just pushing the office door open, you would see two blue-blackish shelves on the left and right side of the room, tan file cabinets, a smooth, cedar- wooden desk, papers and notes scattered everywhere, and a high-tec, valuable laptop resting on the desk. I went across to the other side of the room, scooted the black office chair over, and sat comfortable in it.

    I was wondering what work I had to do today, so wandered around the desk until I finally found something. I ripped open the envelope and found out that it was the blimp records from yesterday. I folded the piece of paper open and read it. Iíd say I was decent at finding errors in the blimp flight. If you rolled around on the streets wondering if someone could find out if there were any errors on this page, they might call you a lunatic, a psycho, well, you get the point: it was difficult to get used to. I checked the blimp records closely in detail, even reached for my reading glasses and slid them on. I scanned through the tan-white sheet of paper looking for any slight of mistake. I was always anxious, every day about these records. Just one slight mistake could mean something huge is happening, or going to happen soon. Itís not just something you should slide away, these records or even possible errors were important.

    Chapter Three - The Records
    I read closely, super intently over the records. Actually, everything did matter. Distance travelled; seven-hundred and twenty miles, speed; sixty miles per hour, beginning; twelve in the afternoon, direction; northeast: everything seemed fine. I scanned through them, and then I stopped. Instantly, immediately, I hesitated. This was deep. Where was the weight? The hugest thing that ever mattered about the blimp was the weight. Well, it might not have been a big deal if I found it, which I did. Just one mistake-I paused. I flipped all the papers and found it. Once again, it seemed like time just stopped. What I saw, was impossible, unbelievable, it was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was an error.

    What I read on the paper was about the weight. Letís get this straight, their are twenty five people on the blimp, at all times, for sure. No matter what happens, there always is. A few engineers, the pilot, me: everyone equalled twenty-five. Thatís it, twenty-five. The total of the weight of people on every sheet of blimp records I had seen had the specific weight right in my face: three-thousand, one-hundred, and seventy. It needs to be specific, as always. Every single time I looked, it had to say that.

    What was scary, was, it didnít. What it said, well, implied was, that there were twenty-six people on that blimp. Nearly impossible. I realized what this could be a plan for. A terrorist attack.

    Chapter Four - The Suspect
    More Coming.

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    Re: Droidzville

    Very nice I was on the edge of my seat just reading that write more!!!

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    Re: Droidzville

    Ha thanks dude, Ill be updating!


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