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    The Paragraph Pass-it-on Project!

    Okay, this is going to be a public game for people to contribute too. This first post is simply to state the rules, what's allowed or not, what's suitable or not and other information.

    You know the basic way it goes.
    One day I walked down the street and saw...
    a man wearing a hat. "Hey" I said as he...
    grew a second head. "What?" he asked as I...
    Poked it repeatedly. "It's so shiney." i replied. "But...
    That crap. I want to take it to the next level.

    First of all, this is going to be a sensible story. No "the man had a hat and it died and swam home" or anything. I want a decent storyline going on here. This was done a while back, known as the DarkDemon Story. (see here)

    So here we go again

    • If you reserve a story-part, If you don't update it with the story, the reserve will be deletes after 1 day.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Use proper grammar.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Capitalise each sentence properly.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Make it relevant to the previous post.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • If someone posted before you for the post you were replying to, edit your post or delete it and start again.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • It must have decent length. It'll make it easier to understand what is happening.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Do not doublepost (Obviously.)[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Do not post unless you are replying to the previous post. Eg. Spam or "OMG THIS IS KUL" is not allowed :[[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Don't go overboard with a giant post with like 1000 words.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • If you're going to post a comment add it at the bottom of your story entry in quote tags to distinguish story from comment, but only comment after a submitted piece of story.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Don't post short 50 word posts or anything.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • DON'T QUOTE THE POSTER! Just write your piece, the story can be read from start to finish through the thread.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Remove your signature from the post. This makes it look a lot cleaner.[/*:m2j7dmnt]
    • Don't include racial or controversial material, unless necessary for the plot.[/*:m2j7dmnt]

    Place Savers.
    What is a Place Saver?
    This prevents people from posting before you do so nobody gets frustrated after someone posts a story responding to the post you were responding to.
    Do not continue the story if there is a Place Saver in the thread. This means he is the next to continue the story.

    If someone places a Place Filler and doesn't continue the story within a day, that place filler will be deleted and the next person to post or the next placefiller will contine the story.

    Place Fillers are there to prevent this.
    Some guy grew a hat.
    Some guy grew a hat. He decided to eat it.
    Some guy grew a hat. Then it blew iff in the wind
    Edit: Damn, we posted at the same time =(
    Remember, I will moderate this thread so any Place Fillers not replaced with a paragraph or so of story will be removed after a day. That way the story can flow.

    Also, I'd suggest writing your part in Word, that way you'll avoid spelling mistakes or errors.

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    ctf_Ash, but beating Joel.

    Re: The Paragraph Pass-it-on Project!

    The wind whipped his hair across his face as the helicopter slowly ascended into the thick fog and disappeared from view. He stood momentarily, waiting; as if he expected an escort to walk up to his side and lead him off the roof of the building. No chance in this situation. He picked up his small bag and slung it over his shoulder then walked towards a small flight of stairs lowering him to an elevator. He eyed the doorway to the left, which he presumed was the stairway to the ground floor, before pressing his thumb into the small lit symbol in the shape of a down arrow. Surprisingly the shaft of the elevator responded and a reassuring hum echoed between the closed doors. The doors welcomed him inside the warmly enlightened compartment which he gratefully stepped inside before pressing his finger into the button labelled ‘floor one’.

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    Re: The Paragraph Pass-it-on Project!

    He stepped out. The shiny floor shone up at his face and lit up his glasses. He started to walk through what seemed like forever lasting. His phone rang.
    "You gotta get outa' there," The phone voice said, "they're after you, and they will give up at nothing."
    He started to walk rapidly across to the exit.
    "Who is this?" He replied.
    "I know everything about you and what you do, now get out of there, I'll meet you outside."
    The phone hung up. He raced across the airport floor, he reached the door. Three men in black where following him. "Where is she?" He thought to himself. Something grabbed him by the shoulder. He lashed out with his hand. He missed.
    "Lets get out of here" She exclaimed.

    Now Yadda your go!
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    Re: The Paragraph Pass-it-on Project!

    I expected some names already, but I suppose I'll give them out then
    He followed behind her watching his back for the men tailing him. By the second flight of stairs spiraling downward, he was sure they had lost them. With a sigh of relief the girl opened the door to the courtyard. Down the pathway was another man, but he held a cellphone in his right hand. The girl kept moving down the pathway so he was assured that this was the man that had called him earlier. The courtyard was maltreated, it was littered with dead leaves and snapping twigs. The hedges had lost their pigment and there was nothing left from them other than dead branches; whoever kept this property must have disappeared or died, leaving nobody to water the bushes. "Too close for comfort", said the man with the cellphone now in his pocket, "The name's Joel, chief of Lancaster Police Department." "Louis, Private Investigator from NYPD. Who the hell are these guys"? "That's the thing," said the woman, "we have no clue". "The CIA has got nothing on them, and we're still trying to contact other agencies around the world to question who is here and why."


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