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Thread: A little Poem

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    A little Poem

    Well this is just something I wrote. Meant to capture sadness in a way.

    Every Time I look around me with these sorrowful eyes, I see sadness. People just trying to chase the American dream, when it left years ago. Nothing else to do or to love. Because we already see that that has been broken. Crooked streets, and twisted justice, we are the ones in the parallel world. It seems there is nothing but gray skies, lies, and things that are not mine. All of this captures my eyes. Its like life is a ship in a bottle. Headed towards the ground at full throttle. Sorrow is what I am. Tomorrow is a new land.
    It seems like all of the dreadful things last forever. My heart has been broken in two, washed out, and severed. If we keep doing what we do, living how we living, then nothing will get better. When time gets cold it needs a sweater. But there is no material, not even a pen to write a letter.

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    Re: A little Poem

    Wow, emotion nice way to capture sorrow in writing, and in your username <.<
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    [center:1e3e9dtr]Thank you )(nUmB for the avvie,Will&#39;s awsome also <.<[/center:1e3e9dtr]


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