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    Lake Compounce Thrills -school project

    Lake Compounce Thrills

    (lake compounce is an amusement park in Connecticut)

    During the summer Josh and I tested our courage. We were dropped from 100 feet and spun around so fast that we stuck to a wall. We went to Lake Compounce. The rides pushed you to your limits by dropping you 50 bone-chattering feet before going up into a loop. At least that is what Zoomerang does. After the first thrilling loop, you go through 2 more each making you scream like a baby. Then after the “easy part”, you go backwards. It was the most amazing ride I have ever ridden; that is until I rode “drop zone”. The maniacs who create rides thought it would be fun for kids to be free-falling for about 100 feet. They were so right. The feeling you get is like no other. Wind is running across your face and you fell as if you are flying. You can’t help but smile when you feel this. Another great ride is the “rotor”. On that ride you are spun in a circular room amazingly fast. Pretty soon the floor drops, and you are stuck against the wall still spinning like crazy.
    Rides weren’t the only fun thing; there is a huge water park too. When you first walk in there is a wave pool to your right plus a “pirate ship” water park to your left. The pirate ship was like an all out war of water with “bombs”, “cannons”, and “mines”. The pirate ship had a tall wooden bucket that dumped tons of freezing cold water when it got full. With cannons to shoot water and water fountains everywhere you were sure to get soaked. I f you keep going forward you will come the water slides. There are a bunch of slides at Lake Compounce. Unfortunately, we only got to go on one, but it was a very enjoyable one. The one water slide we went on was a dark tunnel filled with turns and filled with tons of thrill. First you were flung down into a tunnel that is pitch black slinging up on the sides and getting drenched like crazy. After about 30 feet you flash into light just enough to see two feet in front of yourself. Then suddenly you plunge into ice cold water, and the people who are there help you out of the water. You then walk back to the place that the line started. There was also a lazy river that was very relaxing. First there was a 3 minute wait to get on the ride. Once you were past the “wait of death” you got to the place where you got tubes. There were tons of tubes lying around everywhere they were piled up, and some were even being flung outside of the fence. Just getting a tube was madness. Once you won a fight over a tube you ran to the water where you had to fend off other people trying to take your tube. I felt like Indiana Jones with a valuable artifact. Finally we got into the water and were pushed into the real ride. You got into a tube and started peacefully floating down a stream they had water jets and water sprinklers set up so that you could get wet if you wanted to be wet. After we rode the slide and the lazy river we went to the wave pool and a good wave pool it was. It had 4 foot waves that seemed like they were made for riding back to the “shore”. Josh and I were swimming all over and have lots of fun.
    Lake Compounce was a day of thrills and exiting things to do. From death defying rides that made you scream to relaxing water pools that were nice after a long day. If I could I would go to Lake Compounce every day of my life.

    A school project. I had to share my writing somewhere so I chose here.

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    Re: Lake Compounce Thrills -school project

    Sounds awesome... nice writing too.

    Synanyms for some words would be nice.

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    Re: Lake Compounce Thrills -school project

    Yes, try to use some synomyns and metaphors. And when you're writing, don't be afraid to exaggerate. You could have used some topic transitions to make it flow a little better, but overall, pretty good.
    what is homo love?


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