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Thread: Are You Sure?

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    Are You Sure?

    Are You Sure?

    When a time comes for an animal to make an action, they trust instincts. For people to make an action, they use instincts and logic. Logic thinks about the action, but instincts do them. And unless people trust their instincts they could be stuck in a situation for a long time. Like taking crap for your beliefs. This seemed to be the case for me. My name is Jimmy Schultz, and I am an atheist.

    Iíll start this story off before I was an atheist in my hometown of Peach Cave, one day before we moved to our new house. I was scared, to be blunt. I didnít want to lose any of my old friends, and was completely afraid of being the outcast at my new school. This sounds down right silly but I had the goose bumps when we started the car up.

    I'l work some on this some more, obviously. But what do y'all think?

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    Re: Are You Sure?

    This story goes in great contrast of your name, but it is written fairly well. Add more, I'd like to see how this turns out.


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