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    Because Nothing Can Save You Now.

    Please fold up your broken wings
    Only your spirits can lift you now.
    You're tired, distraught, and done with life.
    Nowhere to go; nowhere to hide.
    You frown then cry,
    So dry those swollen eyes
    And let the real angels take back their wings
    They risked the loss of everything
    To give you the chance
    To laugh and dance
    But you took those silken things
    And ruined them.
    You lied and hurt,
    And were vindictive and rude.
    You came off as nothing than crude.
    You wish you were good
    But nothing can save you now.
    You're going to hell,
    Don't lie to me now:
    What have you done wrong?
    And I say:
    "I have done nothing wrong.
    I am a human, and you are a fate.
    I won't listen to you.
    I'll go where I please
    Heaven, Hell, or in between.
    You brought me here
    Showed me nothing but pain and fear.
    Why would I be an angel?
    When this world is so full of devils?
    You expect me to be good with this?
    I won't lie, I am no saint
    Just a person who's looking for a warm hand to hold.
    To live a life where
    No one will fight.
    No one would hate
    For being me.
    I already know I am not the best person ever,
    But someone has to understand me.
    You gave me these friends
    And I love them so
    But no lover,
    Just someone I get frustrated with
    And hit and scream at.
    Just take my life now
    Plunge me into Hell.
    I will accept that I am wrong.
    What I have done is wrong
    And I am wrong.
    Maybe your Hell is better than life.
    Because nothing can save me now."

    If I ever met God, I think this is what would go down.

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    Re: Because Nothing Can Save You Now.

    That was very good, I kind of got a feeling of despair in the character. The name's pretty catchy too


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