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Thread: My new story

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    My new story

    Tis called KNIGHTS

    Heres a taster.

    The room was as black as the night. No sound was heard, apart from the soft, drip,drip,drip of a droplet of water, seeping through the walls. A man entered the room via a long wooden staircase at the corner of the room.
    He held a lantern , and shone it towards the back wall, he walked up to the object and brushed dirt of it. He gazed down, at his helmet, the one he wore, when he was
    a Knight...

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    Re: My new story

    Nice beginning but I think it might be longer... althought I like the idea
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    Re: My new story

    Well, it was an o.k. Idea. Kinda short to judge, but I'll judge it anyways.

    The room was as black as the night
    'As' in this sentence is not necessarily wrong, it just is un-needed. Others could argue, but I think it would be better without.
    apart from the soft, drip,drip,drip, of a droplet of water,
    Take out the first coma, add in one after the third drip. Also I think something sounds.. repetitive about 'droplet of water' and.. it doesn't really tell us where the water is coming from. maybe change it to 'old rusty drainpipe' or 'a broken off spicket'.
    seeping through the walls
    What? Maybe it's just me, but I'm confused.
    room via a long wooden staircase
    Via? too formal. more like, 'A man enterered the room walking down a long wooden staircase' or 'A man walked down the creaky stairs of an old staircase'..
    he walked up to the object and brushed dirt of it.
    All of the sudden you mentioned the object. change 'the' to 'an'.
    when he was
    a Knight...
    There is no need for a new line.. but i guess its not really wrong. But Knight shouldn't be capitalized.
    So those were some errors, but other than that... um it was pretty good. Not all that original, but you could build off of this to be a good story.


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