Gray ran as fast as he could, his heart racing. He looked behind him, attempting to find out if he was still being pursued. He was'nt. He slowed to a jog, then to a complete stop, panting, heart beat lowering.

Suddenly, a Torn and bleeding, Maggot ridden face came into view, and all was black.

This is only the beginning, of the end, Young traveler. There is more then meets the eye to this Gray. Keep listening, and you will get your compensation.

Gray woke up, to the sound of eletronic beeping. He opened his eyes, but with no effect to his sight. He consisdered the thought, "Have i gone blind?" when he realised he had a stained, cloth bag over his head. Reaching up, he removed the cloth sack, and breathed deeply as unfiltered, fresh air stung his lungs.

Cracking open his eyes, he looked to his surroundings. He was stuck in a close knit circle of wolves, slowly, ever so slowy, getting closer and closer. He searched around, hoping to find something to fight back. Suddenly, a longsword came flying, end over end, into the circle, landing, conveniently, right next to him, point down in the loam.

Reaching over to it, he pulled it out of the earth, and then began to cast a soldiers eye over the weapon. It had a 3 foot long blade, roughly the size of his leg from the foot to the knee, and had a gold wire hilt. A dark, rough, yet slightly kind, voice shouted out to him "Stop admiring the damn thing and protect yourself!"

Gray turned on his heel, And came face to face with the alpha male, hurtling itself to wards him at full velocity. Gray changed his stance, and prepared for the kill.