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    A man stood amongst the deep, green grass. He wore a red scarf which was wrapped around the lower part of his face. His eyes were like a thousand crushed emeralds, green and glistening. He wore a long, hazel jacket, and a pair of smart, navy trousers. A beep erupted out of no where. He looked down at his watch. Not to check the time, but to press a button, that sent the device twizzling and turning. Until it transformed into a object saying on its screen:
    Welcome to Oblivion. Please state your intent.
    It was followed by several options. He scrolled down until he found the one he wanted: Fly.
    It wasn't pretty or graceful, but the man shot into the air. Smoke trailing and the only thing left where he was, was a red scarf.

    Sara sighed. She was and ordinary 24 year old from Carolina. She had long, dark hair, and wore a suit. She picked up a telephone up and answered in a bored voice.
    "Hello, welcome to Aquarius, how may I be of service?"
    Aquarius was an electrical device shop which sold any electricity powered item and the most amount of fun you got there is if someone wanted to buy a TV.
    But today was different.
    "Who is this?" a deep, growl of a voice answered.
    "This is Aquarius electrical devices, how may I be of service" Sara replied in the same tired voice.
    "Aquarius? what happened to Oblivion?"
    Oblivion? what was this man talking about? Sara looked at the reciever and put it back to her ear.
    "Have you something to order?"
    "Answer my question, girl, what happened to Oblivion?" He was getting angry now.
    "I have no idea what your talking about!" Sara shouted at the reciever. "If you do not stop this I will get the manager!"
    "Do not speak to me like that!" she heard a beeping over the phone, and then a TV exploded in a flurry of sparks.
    "Stop it!!" Sara shrieked.
    "This is what you deserve, you know something about Oblivion! TELL ME!!!!"
    "Tell me now!!!!!!" and the room exploded.

    Sara awoke, shaken to the bone. She looked around. At the corpse's of her co-workers. Mary, Ken, Fred, Violet...
    She groaned as she picked herself up. She was covered in rubble and was standing in the leftovers of Aquarius.
    "Oh my god" Sara muttered "Dan"
    She ran over to her manager, who was on the ground moaning in pain.
    "Its...its...man...there....man...human...male...Oblivion...." And he closed his eyes and his chest rose for the last time.
    "Pretty impressive ain't I?" the same growling voice said over the phone.
    Sara turned and saw a man. A very tall man. In his late 30s. He wore a denim jacket, and baggy jeans.
    "You..." Sara said "..you killed everyone...everyone...you were on the phone to me, asking for this...Oblivion."
    "Me...Lionel Elpasso. Oblivion Rebel" Lionel replied "And you, miss, are the missing link and your coming with me"
    Lionel became a blur, and Sara ran.

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    Re: Oblivion_Begginning

    I always wondered who tha fock is Oblivion...

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