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Thread: Blood Thirst

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    Blood Thirst

    Me and my friend Vice were coming up with a series:
    __My family was killed July 8th, 2038. According to the recorded articles at the time, they were killed by a race of demons called Shadow Lurkers. Since I was old enough to understand the English language I’ve been taught the Shadow Lurkers are the earth’s scum. The point of the U.S army’s entire existence since 2032 has been to destroy these Shadow Daemons.
    __When the Daemons raided my house me and my sister were only the age of 3, our parents had hid us in the basement before the Daemons could find us. Our parents left us in the basement, hoping they could fend off the Daemons by themselves if there weren’t too many. They were wrong.

    __It is now July 8th, 2060. Every 8th of July I go to my parent’s graves to honor their memory. The air is crisp and cold, like it always is in the morning, and this fact made me even sadder, besides the fact I was staring at my long dead parent’s graves, whom I never even got to know. The only memory I had of them was my father’s sword which was along with the remains of the house after the Daemons burnt it down. “Ryan!” yelled a familiar voice. I quickly turned around to see one of my troop squad members. “Oh, hey Jon” I said trying to hide the sadness in my voice. “The S.L. have just been detected in the west area of base, all troops are supposed to evacuate immediately.” He said hurriedly. “Damn, not a day of peace.” I responded glumly.
    __Me and Jon quickly picked up our weapons from Sergeant Ruskoul, and moved on to the west side of the base. The situation was much worse than I thought it would be, the R.S. were everywhere to be seen. Their dark black faces, without a nose or mouth, made their bright red eyes stand out like black dots on a white piece of paper. “Wow” Jon murmured. I was the first to move, I took out my father’s sword and sliced two daemons in half easily. Suddenly two more came rushing at me, I unholstered my pistol quickly and shot them both strait in the forehead. The disintegrated into dust and it were as if they were never there. Four more appeared above me and in only a split second I had stabbed two like a shish kabob with my sword in my left hand, and shot two bullets at the two other with the gun in my right hand and killed one. The second bullet shot had only skinned the fourth Shadow Lurker so it quickly came down on my and bit into my jugular vein. I ripped the Lurker off of my neck and placed a bullet in its back. As the Lurker started to disintegrate, I started to go into an unconscious state.

    -More coming

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    Re: Blood Thirst


    Wow: Don't one word post.


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