Part 1: The Forest.

I was in a large forest filled with exotic animals and hunters. Only two things were bad about this whole situation. One was the fact that the hunters were after me. The other was bad because I had nowhere to hide and they had fully automatic weapons.

I looked around for either an escape or potential item to use as a defense. I of course found a tree branch but it was across a sort of fissure. I thought about it for a moment. Sit here and wait to be riddled with bullets? Or try to jump the large gap and fall to a terrible death while attempting to render an escape or weapon?

I chose the second option. I stepped back until I reached the thick underbrush that was up to my knees, and I stopped. “Ok Jimbo, you can do this.” I said to myself quietly.

I had begun to run at the gap and thought how crazy I am to be in this mess. If only I was not here. Then I heard the sound of men running out of the trees and shouting, “Shoot him, he’s right there, get him, get him.”

Then I heard the sound of gunfire. It was not like on the television, it was louder and more terrifying. Right as I reached the edge of the gap I pushed off and everything seemed to be in slow motion. The bullets flying passed me, the monkeys running away from the noise, and me soaring through the air.

I was amazed at how long it could take a jump like this, but something was wrong. I wasn’t going as far as I hoped; I started to slow down and begin to fall. The men behind me stopped shooting and ran to the edge to watch me fall to my demise. Everything began to go dark and I kept hearing the same word over and over again. “James…. James… JAMES!”

I woke up with a startling surprise. I was in fourth period English class with Mrs. Eve, who was standing over me at the moment. “Were you just sleeping in my class?” she asked in a frustrated tone.

“Um… No.” I answered hesitantly.

“Yes you were; I saw you with my own two eyes.”

“Are you sure?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

“I do not like your attitude, but if you keep it up I’ll send you straight to the office.”

Part 2: Just a dream?

Well, I thought about it. I could be sent there but there would be no way for her to tell if I actually arrived at my destination. You see, the school has recently received a grant that upgraded our technology, so our phones, fax machines, computers and TV’s are completely disconnected and unusable. I could finally have a chance to miss her lecture on Julius Caesar that she has given three times already this year. I would have to make her believe I deserve it though.

“But I didn’t do anything wrong.” I said in a mildly aggravated manner.

“Darling, I do not believe that sleeping and sarcasm is nothing.” She said in her sweet-but-still-going-to-punish-anyone-who-misbehaves voice.

“Well Mr. Black doesn’t send us to the office for sleeping.”

That would be the icing on the cake. See, Mrs. Eve and Mr. Black, the freshman social studies teacher, have been arguing over discipline for a whole semester. It had all begun when she tried to send Jake Morris, my best friend, to the office for correcting her spelling on a writing assignment. Mr. Black however, stopped Jake in the hall and asked, “What’s up man? Why are you out here so early in the class period?”

“Mrs. Eve, is being stubborn, and not admitting she misspelled the word ‘experiment’.”

“Hey, she is a teacher and what she says goes, or at least this time.” Mr. Black replied.

“I know, but it’s not fair.”

“Well, if you want to lay low for a while, I’ll tell the principal you’re with me.”

“Seriously?” Jake was astonished. No teacher had ever contradicted another teacher’s disciplining.

“Yes I will, but only if you don’t mention it ever again.”

Long story made short, they got caught.

That was the start of a huge battle, between the most despised teacher, and the most admired teacher. So, if anything or anyone mentions Mr. Black while in Mrs. Eve’s presence, she will make sure the “problem” disappears.

Now, back to the story of the present.

She looked at me, and I could see the anger begin to flow through her cold eyes. It was enough to make me reconsider if I should have said that or should I have just shut-up and sat up straight. The only problem is that I already said the terrible, anger inducing name. I looked at her now, and she was mumbling something. It was almost incomprehensible but I did catch three words: Rotten, children, and my personal favorite: retirement.

Part 3: The office is ever so wonderful.

Instead of screaming at me to go straight for the principal’s office, she forced a smile and asked, “Darling, may I please speak to you in the hallway?”

Oh no, she may not take this to the principal. This may be a case for her to attack me with no remorse, or mercy. She started to walk towards me with a very quizzical face, I had to answer or there would be huge consequences.

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind at all.” I replied, but there seemed to be a slight stutter on each word.

I had never heard of Mrs. Eve calling students into the hallway. It must have been to lure me away from my classmates to make sure there are no remarks about her, or how she was wasting class time.

As I left the classroom and walked over to lean on a locker, she shut the door behind us. Moments passed and nothing had been said. Then out of nowhere I heard her say, “Why did you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked.

“You challenged my authority by bringing another teacher into the matter.” She answered, “I want to know why.”

“Well.” I didn’t have the guts to tell her that I wanted her to send me to the office so I could skip class. So I did what the average fifteen year old would do, I would lie.

“I didn’t really think about it until after it was said, but I apologize if it offended you.”

“Apology noted, but I’m still going to have to send you to the office.” She said, but there was an amount of time where she thought for a moment. Then as if she had an epiphany, she rushed into the room and was nowhere to be seen.

I wondered, what now? I’m all alone in the hallway and don’t have a clue if she forgot about me or if I am to stand here and look like a moron.

To be continued.. This is my freshman short story portfolio piece so comments will be accepted.