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    Uncontrollable Urges (Unfin)

    Uncontrollable Urges by CodeMachine and ChAoZ

    Chapter 1 - CM

    "Hey, I can't help it.", I said to him.

    I lay the 10 inch kitchen knife slowly on the round
    kitchen table in the middle of the small kitchen. One
    light flickers above me, giving light for the room.
    I pulled up a chair with my black gloved hands and
    slumped into the seat. I couldn't keep a grin off my
    face; seeing the bugs fly around the food that has
    been sitting out for hours, the dead silence of the
    house that doesn't belong to me, the bloody handprints
    over the decorated wallpaper that lead a trail from
    the kitchen to upstairs. Dead silence, the smell of
    blood, the feeling of my black wool gloves, the
    dim flickering lights. And I can't help but smile.

    "You need to go out and kill some more."

    "I finished my cool down, I can't stop."

    "Go kill more people."

    "I can't fight you, why do you do this to me!", I
    began yelling out loud.

    I stood up suddenly, with my legs pushing my chair back and slamming onto the


    I begin shaking involuntarily. I don't kill for money,
    truly for the thrill of cold, bloody manslaughter.
    I'm never caught, I have a mask of sanity in the
    public. I never get to meet my victims - their names,
    who they are and what they do for a living. I
    completely dominate them in my killing. I never get
    caught, I make sure that the bodies are disposed,
    my traces are cleaned due to my terrible OCD, and
    I leave with no witnesses. Every killing is an
    epidemic; I make it seem like it's the last one I'll
    ever commit. But he drags me back in, and it's an
    urge I cannot maintain. I've taken pills for it, but
    they don't help. I've taken therapy, but he was killed
    by me too. You dress a man in a suit, he will look
    like he belongs in another public crowd. I just can't
    stop laughing and crying in this unknown house of my

    Cars pulled in the long extended driveway. I took a
    run for it in the backdoor and I was out of the scene
    before they arrived at the front door.


    Chapter 2 - Tim

    The phone simply rang from my side. I took a long look at the name that showed in the
    display as I dragged my phone out of my pocket.

    "Hello?" A voice said from the other side of the line as I moved the ear piece closer to
    my ear.

    "How did you get this number? This number is only for emergencies!" I questioned the unknown
    user who somehow got ahold of my number.

    "You need to hurry Sarge! They've killed almost everyone in the building" He panicked.

    "Who?! Please tell me how you got this number!" I grabbed a pen and some paper to hopefully
    figure out both questions while embracing the cell phone against my ear.

    "I...DON'T...KNOW...WHO! I CAN'T GET A GOOD LOOK FROM UNDER THE DOOR!" He started to spontaneously
    cry in fear.

    "Okay...just give me the address and we'll be the-" I was interrupted by a gunshot that rang throughout the ear
    piece, the other side of the line went dead after that. I quickly arose from my bed drenched in sweat and fear.

    "That's the fourth time this week" I started to breath more steadily as I told myself that it was only a nightmare.
    My feet hit the ground as I pushed myself up from my bed to get a drink of water or something to calm my nerves.
    Flipping on the light switch, a quick 'zap' was heard which followed a bright blinding light from a simple lightbulb.

    I know my part isn't the best, I've been working on it off and on, but still...it's a great work in progress, me and CM are having fun with it.
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    Re: Uncontrollable Urges (Unfin)

    His un-pigmented eye is an interesting idea, I think you should consider the fact that he would be practically blind in it.
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