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Thread: A poem.

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    A poem.

    Life, it never seems to stop
    Sometimes it is cruel,
    like the seas in a storm
    but there is one thing you should know
    that there is something good in everyone

    Even if you're miserable,
    think of all the good times
    If you can't find any,
    then go make go try to make some.

    When you go to jump off a building
    stop and think 'bout this
    What would happen after you die?
    What good will come from this?

    You just need to know
    that everyone is liked,
    and everyone is hated.

    Now if you read this
    and still want to die
    Why don't you, just go out and have some fun
    Got out to a bar, or get some friends.

    Then always think of this,
    Life is the good stuff.

    -Pandamoneum, February 15, 2009

    Yeah, it's my first poem, so go easy.

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    Re: A poem.

    Nothing special, really. I liked the last line though: "Life is good stuff" Sounds really interesting. Apart from that, nothing stood out for me.
    what is homo love?


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