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    Ion FINISHED! by [E]lectro

    ION By Electro



    Simon slouched lazily on the couch, eating cereal, watching TV, a perfect saturday. The sun was shining outside. Kids were playing, actually thinking they were enjoying themselves. They didn't know what enjoyment was. Enjoyment, to Simon, was sitting on the couch, watching shoot em' up movies and eating some good old cereal. He glanced at his watch. 10:21. When would his mother be back?.
    He watched blood splatter everywhere as the sniper hit its target. He laughed as the man fell on the ground. Choking on his own insides.
    The door was pushed open, and his mother stepped in."Oh, Simon...". She began.
    "What?. Simon said.
    "Do you ever get up?"
    "Ugh, what is that?". Staring at the spoon in his hand.
    "This, mother, is Chocolate Wheaties". Simon said proudly.
    "What? As in actual wheat?"
    "The wheaties part of it give it away, huh?"
    Simon's mother sighed and walked into the kitchen.
    "Well. I've got a suprise for you..."
    Simon span around immediatly. "What?"
    "I have got you....an interview!"
    "Oh, mother...."
    "What? You need a job!"
    "I don't, I really don't"
    "Of course you do! It's on the 23rd"
    23rd! Simon thought Thats 2 days away!
    "Who's the interview with?". Simon enquired.
    "Who else?"
    "Oh god, mother..."
    "Ion, the place where 60 people have died in the last 3 days? Ring any bells?"
    "Plenty, but just because they got killed doesn't mean you will"
    "Your going"
    "Come on"
    "Shut it"


    Simon loosened his tie. His mother put it on him three minutes ago and he suspected she meant to choke him. He looked at himself in the mirror, he had to admit, he looked pretty good. He bared his teeth and picked a bit of salad out of his teeth. He didn't even know why he wanted to look good, he wasn't going to get the job anyway.
    His mother entered the room, she stared at him, observing his suit.
    "Oh, my little Simon..."
    "Mother..." Simon began.
    She walked to him and put her hands on his shoulders.
    "I still remember when you were 4. And now look at you! Your gorgeous!"
    "Yeah, 14 years will do that"
    His mother sighed and placed her hands on his tie and pulled. He choked as his face turned blue. She hastily loosened it. "Sorry" she said.
    Simon looked at his watch. "Oh god"
    "We're 10 minutes late, oh dear. Seems like we can't go. What a shame"
    "Simon Jackson, you are going to that job interview"
    "Mother...". But before he could argue his mother grabbed him by the tie and dragged him outside. She pressed a button on her key and the car leapt into life. The lights flashing. Simon was thrown into the car and his mother got in the seat next to him.


    Simon tripped on the hem of his trousers as he entered the large, posh waiting room. He sat down on one of the soft, red chairs and looked at the time. 1:15, twenty minutes late! and yet his mother forces him to come.
    "Jackson, Simon". The desk clerk peered around the room and Simon raised a hand.
    "Here I am". He muttered.
    "Mr Mitchell will see you now"
    "Thanks". He replied and stood up.
    His mother quickly stood up and put her hands on his shoulders.
    "And here comes the dramatic speech that is supposed to boost my confidence"
    "Will your terrible jokes ever end?"
    "It wasn't a joke, I was just expressing my true feelings for your boring speeches"
    "In that case I won't say anything"
    "Thanks". And Simon pushed the door close to him open.
    He entered a long corridor. He sighed and walked to one saying David Mitchell on a small sign above it.
    "Come in". A deep voice said.
    Simon entered the room. Small, yet organised was the room. Mitchell sat at his desk. Fingers whizzing over his laptop keyboard. He was a tall man. With short black hair and silver glasses "What delayed you?". He asked.
    "I was attacked by a killer tie" Simon said.
    "Thats understandable. Grab a chair"
    Simon pulled a chair to the desk and sat down. He was not liking this.
    "So. Your mother tells me you've had some experience with electrical devices?"
    "Er, I did small circuits with lightbulbs at primary school"
    Mitchell paused and his eyes darted to him. "Okay" He said slowly.
    Simon tried a smile but was not given one himself.
    "We have very high standards at Ion. Are you sure you can live up to them"
    "No. I mean, yes. Yes, I can. I think. Hopefully..."
    Mitchell stared at him and said "Do you want this job?"
    Simon looked at him. "No". He admitted.
    Mitchell started to type very fast.
    "Er, what are you typing?" Simon asked.
    Mitchell glanced at him. "None of your business"
    "Yes, sir" Simon replied.
    A few minutes passed and Mitchell finally said. "You may leave".
    Simon shot out of the door and breathed in air. He hadn't ever been quiet for that long. He once did a sponsored silence for charity but he started speaking within 1 and a half minutes of it. He walked down the corridor and bumped into a man in a blue pinstriped suit.
    "Oh. Sorry. Didn't see you there" Simon said.
    The man looked at him. He fixed his eyes on him with a vicious glare. Simon pushed past him before he exploded from the staring.


    Mitchell's eyes shot over at the door as a loud knock erupted from the other side. He cleared his throat with a cough and said in a posh, upper voice. "Come in".
    Ronald Armitage entered the room. In his navy pinstriped suit.
    "Greetings, David" Armitage said.
    "Ron" Mitchell said in greeting. "I take it you saw him when you came in?"
    "Yes" Armitage replied, in an almost robotic voice. "How was he?"
    "Terrible" Mitchell said. "Im typing his letter right now"
    Armitage pulled a chair to the desk and sat on it.
    "The project..." He began.
    "Don't worry my friend. Ion is safe for now"
    "Ion cannot fail. If it does you will feel my...displeasure first hand" threatened Armitage.
    "Yes, sir. It won't, sir"
    Mitchell turned back to the laptop. Fingers pressing buttons at a unearthly speed. He moved the cursor over to file and clicked. A list of options dropped down. He pressed print and closed the window.
    He got up and walked over to the printer. He picked the peice of paper up and reached for a envelope. He put the letter in the envelope and licked the edge of the flap. He closed it and scribbled on the front Jackson's address.
    Armitage stood up and put his hand out to him. "Farewell, my friend"
    "Until next time, Ron" Mitchell said, shaking his hand.
    Armitage nodded and left.
    Mitchell waited for a bit. Wondering what he was doing. Then remembered and picked up his car keys


    Simon woke with a startle as his alarm clock beeped. He slammed his fist onto its top and fell out of bed. He cursed and got up. Muttering he pulled some jeans on and a casual white T-Shirt.
    He rubbed his eyes as he walked down the stairs. So busy rubbing that he fell down half-way. He moaned as he lay in a ball on the floor. Cradling his arm. Getting up, he spat dirt out of his mouth. He pushed the door open. A blast of stink hit him like a fist. Mother's 'natural' perfume. Damn, he knew he should of got her those slippers for Christmas instead. His father lay on his back on the couch. "Morning, son" He said, smiling.
    "Morning" Simon replied. "Good day at work yesterday?"
    "Not really. Kelly H was late with my drink. While Harry C didn't bring my files. Kelly K failed to achieve the task I set her and Kelly H, when she finally brung me it, spilt the drink all over my best shirt"
    "Nice" Simon said.
    His mother walked in from the kitchen. Bringing a pile of toast with her.
    "Here you go, Simon"
    "Thanks" Simon muttered.
    As Simon ate there was a knock at the door. His mother pulled the door open and entered the hallway. She came back with an envelope. "This is your's"
    Simon grabbed the letter and tore it open. His looks turned from confusion to frightened.
    "I got the job" He said.
    His parents leapt in to the air.
    "Get in there, son!"
    "I'm so proud!"
    "At Ion! Of all places!"
    Simon gasped for breath as he was pulled into a hug. His mother was crying and his father was groaning as he hurt his back in celebration.
    "This calls for celebration!". His mother announced. Simon groaned.
    "We'll get all the relatives around". Simon groaned again.
    "Grandpa Norris...". Simon groaned. "...Grandma Eleanor...." Simon groaned. "....And Aunt Meryl". Simon let out a groan louder than usual.


    Grandpa Norris winked at Simon as he entered the room. Simon gave him a smile back and sighed as he waddled past him. He was a 'door man' as his Mother put it. He had to stay in front of the door, welcoming all his relatives in with fake smiles. Simon cursed as he heard the sound of high-heel boots striding up the stairs. Meryl. Simon's Aunt, unthankfully. He cleared his throat as she strutted to the door. A tall woman. With long, straight black hair. Wrapped in a dark jacket. She peered at Simon over the tip of her nose. Simon looked back. "Hello".
    Meryl's mouth widened slightly. "Speak when your spoken to, child".
    "Hmm?...Are you talking to me? Cause last time I checked I was eighteen" Simon replied.
    Meryl's mouth was like a cave. "Where did you hear such language from!. Not from my side of the family i'm sure".
    "Alright, sis?" Simon's father said. "How longs it been? Must of been long. Cause you do look a bit older"
    "You saw me yesterday. And even then I had my make up on"
    "Oh, no offence. But you when you have your make up on. You look like a corpse of a clown which had been dug up and kicked repeatedly in the face"


    "Like I said, no offence"
    Meryl stared at them both. "Like father, like son"
    "Suppose" Simon's father said. "Anyway, enjoy the party. There's nibbles"
    Meryl grunted and hurried into the room. Simon's father smiled in relief and turned to him.
    "So, Ion then"
    "Ion" Simon replied.
    "David Mitchell. He's okay".
    "Good, good . Met any of your work chums yet?"
    "Yeah, actually. Some kid called Sam and a girl called Robin"
    Simon's father raised an eyebrow and Simon went red. He smiled and walked into the party room. Singing 'Love is in the air'


    Robin Kempton stumbled as Ronald Armitage prodded her with his pistol. She lay on the floor of the square holding cell. Breathing hard. Armitage gave her a cold smile and gestured to a plump bodyguard. He lobbed him a sheath. A brown leather sheath with a single steel katana in it.
    "Your weapon" He said. "Is confiscated"
    She nodded. "Alright".
    "Your stay here is indefinate"
    "But you will stay until we tell you otherwise"
    Robin smiled. "Oh, I don't think so".
    She lashed out with a straight kick to the shin. He grunted and tumbled over. The guard roared and ran to her. She performed a straight uppercut upwards which shook his jaw. He collapsed in a heap on the floor. She walked to the sheath he placed on a table. Her Sheath. She strapped it to her back and looked ahead. A single door at the end of the corridor stared back. She brought the silver katana from her sheath and started to step forward. Nothing happened. She sighed in relief and walked to the door and placed her hand on the handle. She twisted it and pulled it open. A legion of guards met her.
    "Ah" She muttered. "Hello".
    The guards barked at her and she held her hand out. They halted.
    "Oh, shut it" Robin shouted. "One at a time, you." She pointed to the guard at the front "What do you want?"
    "We all want to rip you limb from limb".
    She hesitated "Okay...".
    The guards sprinted at her. She moved her blade like she was conducting music. When she finished. 30 corpses lay dead on the floor. She cursed as she stared at her new 'Red' blade. She wiped it on one of the guards and smiled as it returned to its original colour. She smiled and located another door. She reached for a throwing knife tied to her belt. She unbuckled it and flung it. It whistled through the air and hit the door. She sprinted towards it as she heard voices from the other side. The plan had worked perfectly. She hid behind the door just as it was kicked open. Two guards entered the room. She leaped into the air. Performing a front flip as she did. She landed on one of the men's shoulders and sliced into his arm. He screamed and fell. She jumped as bullets spat under her feet. She pulled a knife out. It was like it happened in slow motion. She flew through the air. The guards eyes widened as she dropped down onto her prey. She brought the knife in front of her and she hit her target. The guard shrieked as he collapsed. Sprawled on the floor. She pulled the knife from his neck. Scarlet blood dripping from its tip. A liquid crimson which now flowed from a hole in his neck.
    She frowned. Why would Ion do this to her. Ever since she saw the blueprints. Whatever that thing was. She was sure it was not good. As silence fell she heard a quiet beeping. She tore open the guards jacket. "Oh damn" She muttered as the bomb ticked away.
    Robin sprinted away.
    She reached the entrance to the cells. Kicking the double doors open she turned her head.
    She turned back and burst through the doors.
    An explosion tore through the prison cells. She screamed and leapt forward. She rolled to a halt. Flame coated the ravages of the cells. She heard footsteps. Gettiing to her feet, she unsheathed her sword. A boy extended a hand to her. Jackson, Simon Jackson. He held a torch and smiled at her. "You've got a lot of explaining to do, Rob"


    "Wait, what?" Simon asked as Robin told the story.
    "I know, thats why they hired you. You see, im bodyguard for Mitchell. And he left the door to sector 6 open. And I saw the blueprints. Plus, I figured out something. They hired you for home visits right? Thats why they are the best electricians. They fix anything. They need all the electrical devices around the area to work. To power the project!"
    "Good god..." Simon muttered.
    "Anyway, what were you doing there?"
    "You don't think I would of come when I hear screams and a great big fireball explodes just up the hill?"
    They were at Simon's house. His parents were out, so him and Robin were discussing Ion's plans.
    "I still can't believe what their doing..." Simon began.
    "Neither can , and thats why we're stopping it" Robin said.
    "You have a plan?"
    "Always do, here it goes. You do not do your job properly"
    Simon tried a smile. But his face returned to its normal state when she stared at him very seriously. "Why?"
    "Think about it. The more you do not fix things. The less power that thing gets into it!"
    "Oh...clever you"
    "I try"
    They heard the key slot into the hole. His parents were back. Simon looked at Robin. "Hide"
    She shot behind the sofa and became as silent as a mouse. Simons parents pushed the door open.
    "Hey, Simon" His father said.
    "Hey" Simon replied. A puddle of sweat soaking into the carpet below him.
    "Why are you so filthy and sweaty?" His mother asked.
    Simon stuttered. "Erm...well, I...I've been out..."
    "To a swimming pool?" His mother said. Looking at the puddle around his feet.
    "Oh, ha-ha" Simon said, sarcasticly.
    Simon's mother started to walk to the sofa. She grumbled something about 'carrying everything'. Simon darted to her. "Let me carry them, mother"
    "No its okay, Si". She walked to the sofa. "Hello, whats this?"
    Simon's head was in his hands. "Its..."
    "I know what it is!" She shouted. She reached down and pulled a banana skin from behind it. "What have I told you!?"
    "Er...banana skins are pretty?"
    Robin must of escaped. Somehow, someway. That was close. "Note to self" He thought "Clear back of sofa when girls enter the house".


    Simon sung ' Teenage Kicks ' In time with the radio. He was in his big, white van. He passed his driving test eight months ago. It took him eleven tries to complete it. And even then he bribed his instructor. He swerved as a cat shot across the road. He yelled at it and drove onwards. He parrelel parked into a tight space. About eighteen centermetres between him and the car behind him. He opened the door and stepped out in his mucky, peach overalls. He brushed dirt off his shoulders. And walked to door number seventy three. He knocked. A wrinkly, old woman opened the door. "Hello, young man" She said in a croaky voice.
    "Hey there. Im from Ion. I've come to fix your lights?"
    Silence. Simon's smile faded.
    "Sorry, what did you say?"
    "I said I've come to fix your lights!"
    "What a kind young man"
    She let him pass my waddling to the right of her corridor. Simon squeezed through. The narrow doorway squishing him like the walls were closing in. Simon walked into the living room and opened his toolbox.
    "Tea?" The woman asked.
    She padded away into the kitchen while Simon pulled his screwdriver out. He lay belly down on the floor. Facing the plug. He pretended to fix it. Then when the woman wasn't looking. He smacked it with a hammer. "Beautifal" he muttered as it sparked. He took his tea. Which was cold. And gulped it down. Shivering, he made for the door.
    "What a nice man" She said. Pulling out a note. "Here".
    Simon pocketed it. "Thanks, lady"
    "No problem".
    Simon sped down the driveway as a loud scream erupted from the house. He leapt into his van and drove away.


    Armitage looked up at his creation. It was amazing. It was big and the world would hail him as a god with it. He ran his hand over the smooth metal. It would be ready soon. So soon. So very soon.
    Then, its eyes lit up.


    Mitchell pushed through the vast crowd. Crowded around Ion's headquarters. As the lights blinked off one by one. He dialed on his LG phone. It rung several times until Armitage answered.
    Clunking sounds followed. Like metal rods being pounded together. Then a scream.
    A low chuckle sounded over the phone.
    "Cannot stop me" The voice said.
    "Worlds will fall...Crushed and shattered..."
    An explosion burst through the building. Mitchell shrieked as a large metal fist tore through the side. Then, Ion stepped out.


    Simon swerved as debris rained down upon his van. Like hailstones. He parked down an alleyway. A shadow passed over him as he got out. Robin. Simon looked up as she pounced from building to building. A long steel katana in one hand. She paused as she saw Simon.
    "Here" She said. Lobbing an Uzi to him.
    "Uh, thanks"
    "Follow me"
    Simon darted after her. On ground level. He swore to ask Robin to teach him how to freerun. Robin dived at the building in front of her. She landed in a crouch and continued. Simon finally saw it.
    Stumbling into sky scrapers. About the same size as them. It was a giant force of brute metal. A robot. No, more than that. A being of destruction. A thing of mass calamity and strength. It strode across the city. It's inner core glowing with blue power. It stepped on small houses in the inner city. And got to the outer suburbs in less than 1 minute. It raised it's fist above it's head. Ready to strike. Then it saw Robin and Simon. Somehow it recognized them. It's chest divided into two. Revealing its insides.
    Armitage. Suspended by wires. Eyes open. Glowing blue.
    "Jackson...Kempton...my...my workers..."
    Robin raised her sword and Simon held the Uzi tight.
    "I'll take those..."
    The beast opened its fist and the weapons shot to it. Simon fell with the power it pulled. He looked up from the floor. Robin ran and leapt at Ion. But it batted her away. She yelped as she soared 50 foot into the air.
    "ROBIN!!" Simon screamed.
    Robin's arms and legs windmilled as she flipped rapidly over the city. She hit the side of the nearest building. The wall cracking behind her. She stiffened and began to drop. Simon yelled as she fell. He darted for her but a large metal hand smacked him back. Ion caught Robin in its left hand and its chest closed up. "Become my child" It said. "Become one of the Children of Ion and live forever. Or the girl dies."
    Simon sweated. His whole body covered in repulsive, smelly liquid. He stepped forward. "Never" He snarled.
    "Fool" Ion muttered. Shaking his head. "Her death will be slow and painful. Just for you".
    Ion placed Robin's unconscious body on a flat roofed house. And raised it's fist. A figure sprinted across the rooftop. "Hey!"
    David Mitchell sped across the building. A machine gun held by both hands. Ion turned slowly but Mitchell held the gun up. Bullets were spat from the muzzle of the gun. But the bullets ricocheted off the metal chest. It laughed and swung its hand. Mitchell ducked and fired at its eye. The target exploded in a shower of metal shards. Sparks of electricity burst from it. Mitchell got up as Ion stumbled backwards. Roaring in pain. It hit a skyscraper, making it shatter like glass. Bricks rained down upon the city. Ion shook it's head and blindily swung. Missing Mitchell by a mile. Robin got to her feet and whipped a throwing knife from her belt. "This ends now". She threw it. Like a backhand in Tennis. It shot into Ion's other eye. Simon grabbed his Uzi as it dropped from Ion's fist. He raised it and fired. Rapid shots, hitting Ion's chest. It had to see. So it decided to open its chest. Letting Armitage to see. Big mistake. Robin picked her sword from the ground. And threw it.
    "No!!" Mitchell roared. The sword hit Ion in the chest. Armitage stiffened. And began to fall. As he fell. The jacket he wore tore open. Revealing the bomb strapped to his lower torso. Three seconds to go.
    Simon screamed as an explosion ripped through the city...

    The End?

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    "The longest, most intense first-person shooter animation in all of Pivot history..."
    726 frames - and I'm still animating the prologue

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    Re: Ion____may continue

    The beginning is weird..he talks in 3rd person with voice...
    The story is interesting...you should continue.
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    hi bby

    Re: Ion____may continue

    A full version of this would be awsome.

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    Re: Ion____may continue


    -... .- - - .-.. . --.. --- -. .
    "The longest, most intense first-person shooter animation in all of Pivot history..."
    726 frames - and I'm still animating the prologue

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    Re: Ion >Electro< *Update: Poster added*

    Yeah, I've added a poster. Did some more of the story too, get reading!

    -... .- - - .-.. . --.. --- -. .
    "The longest, most intense first-person shooter animation in all of Pivot history..."
    726 frames - and I'm still animating the prologue

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    Re: Ion >Electro< *Update: Poster added*

    Lol, why don't you put the poster in /img tags.

    Anyways, the story is actually pretty interesting I think, I'd like to see what the company is up to.
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    Re: Ion >Electro< *Update: Poster added*

    Ahhh, I can only tell you one thing that happens in the story...
    [spoiler:1vs85uum]Mass Destruction yay![/spoiler:1vs85uum]

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    "The longest, most intense first-person shooter animation in all of Pivot history..."
    726 frames - and I'm still animating the prologue

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    Re: Ion by [E]lectro

    Updated. I've introduced Robin.

    -... .- - - .-.. . --.. --- -. .
    "The longest, most intense first-person shooter animation in all of Pivot history..."
    726 frames - and I'm still animating the prologue

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    Re: Ion (Almost finished...) by [E]lectro


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    "The longest, most intense first-person shooter animation in all of Pivot history..."
    726 frames - and I'm still animating the prologue

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    Re: Ion (Almost finished...) by [E]lectro

    I really like this. Can't wait till the ending.
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