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    The masters land and the crow

    The Masters land

    He came from the mountains.
    No one knew much.
    And when somebody spoke, he never answered.

    He tried to fit in,
    We all laughed at him.
    He hid deeper and deeper,
    Inside of himself.

    As he crawled and he squirmed,
    We screamed and we kicked.
    We hated him,
    And it was us he bit.

    In the dead of night, when all were asleep,
    He walked calmly inside, no longer afraid.
    He went upstairs, where the couple slept.

    He strangled them both, his tormenter and wife.
    He ripped them apart, with fury and glee.
    HE was the tormenter, HE was the overlord.

    No longer could he stand the sleepy town.
    He had taken their beatings,
    Taken the pain,
    Now he was ready, for some sweet, red, rain.

    He butchered them all, and using the foul black book,
    Raised them all, his servants in death.
    Then he set out, to conquer the world.

    Our hero was walking, walking in the woods.
    He had heard of the plight,
    And was to stop the foul deeds.

    He came into the town, rancid and rotten,
    And walked suspiciously down the lane.

    All of a sudden, with a flash and a crash,
    Out they came, the horrible cadavers.
    They swung and they missed.

    Our hero had the heads of thousands of evildoers,
    And was happy to take more.

    With a slice and a smack, the steel bit.
    The sword clanged, the hammer fell.
    The undead were slain, the evil in disdain.

    The master was worried, the past was coming back.
    The souls of the damned were enraged,
    And begging for vengeance.

    But the hero had a kind soul, and saw through the masters evil,
    He saw a heart, a heart of gold,
    So pure was this heart, it shone for miles and miles.
    The hero made an agreeance.

    The master would come with him,
    And in exchange, the spirits would have peace.
    The spirits accepted with glee, and master was taken.

    The hero taught him many things, especially the way of the blade.
    And in the heros glade,
    He stayed.

    Until death came, in all of his fury, all of his speed.
    The master had a debt, and was to be taken.

    But he was weary, and was ready to go.
    Death was no longer furious, and suddenly, strangely,
    Out came the kind side of death.

    He politely asked the master to come, he agreed.
    Off he and Death walked, off into the distance

    In a final flash,
    A flash of light.
    The pair were gone, never to be seen.

    Take heed of this tale, young warrior.
    For it is more than meets the eye.
    The meaning is hidden, so search long, search deep.

    And in the dark of night, when all seems lost.
    Remember this tale, and what is now evil,
    Might once, just once.

    Have been a kindly young man.

    So take heed, and off on your steed.
    Off to the fight, oer the mountain,
    Into the masters land.

    The crow

    The crow.
    How he soars.
    Oer the mountains, ever in the sky.
    For he is ageless, and his time and ours entwine.

    The crow has seen, son, more then you or me.
    The twisted form a shadow of what once was.
    The sunken cheeks a scar, remaining for all time.

    He came down from the sky,
    With a boom, and a clap.
    The gods themselves had cast him out.

    And with many a fuss,
    And many a worry,
    The crow settled in our world.

    But O Crow was lonely,
    No love for the damned.
    The gods took pity, and wept at his despair.

    So in a thrash, and a clash,
    Down came the raven, in its entire splendor.

    The crow was happen, and many years so.
    It soared ever so high, oer tree tops and into the sky.

    Then came the Great War, and the crow was implored by the king to do his part.
    And the crow, off he went, to make his own way.
    Little did the crow know, the threads of fate were closing tighter and tighter around its neck.

    The crow came back from The War, to find the raven away, and the nest in disarray.
    The crow had been betrayed, o how loathsome felt he.
    The ground trembled.
    The earth split.
    The sky opened up,
    And in one final flash, destroyed all of it.

    Now the crow spends his time, flying and studying the rhyme.
    He still feels loathsome,
    He still feels betrayed.
    And so it will stay,
    To the end of his days.

    Well, thats it.

    Comments and shit?
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    Re: The masters land and the crow

    Holy frip.
    That must be the longest ballad/poem in the whole of darkdemon.
    Nice work Noobgay.


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