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    Random 1 paragraph short story

    I was bored and decided to type something up that was short, typing the first things that came into my head.

    Just another one of these shitty days. Nick was walking at a slow pace with his hands in his blue nike hooded top down the road from school. He gazed down past his hands, feeling frustrated at the stomach that had grown in size and loomed in his way when he was looking at his feet to see where he went. He walked past an indian corner-shop selling curry powder and other general cornershop items. He then saw his reflection in the window to his right. He saw something he didnt like. He straightened his back the second he saw the hunched figure, and pulled his hooded top down in attempt to reduce the height of his stomach. He let out a long breath and shook his head ever so slightly, continuing down the same grey and cracked road he saw everyday. He saw a boy from school, called Phil. But Phil was usually recognised as Johnson as it was his last name. He had an asian face, most likely from Tailand or somewhere relatively close. He smiled at me and said: "Alright Nick, hows it goin'?" I grunted back and continued walking past, i wasnt in the mood for chit chat after all the shit that happened earlier today. Nick turned the corner into the row of houses he dreaded with his school bag strap digging into his shoulder. Just another day with that bitch of a mom.

    Thanks for reading if you did, all comments are welcome

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    Re: Random 1 paragraph short story

    lawl, really RANDOM. hehe. maybe you should continue it. like wha happened with the mom.....
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