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    The Roman side of the story

    Open your eyes
    Morning has come
    It is time to rise
    Soon they will arrive, its time to run.
    Grab your teddy
    Grab your clothes
    Quick, get ready
    Here come the Woads
    Raiding our fields
    Our crops and our lords
    Men with shields
    Men with swords
    Come to kill
    Come to slay
    The voices are shrill
    We were here to stay
    But it was thier home
    It is a cold place
    We came from Rome
    But now back we must race.

    The basic idea:
    The Romans attempted to conquer the Britans, but were driven back by the native tribes. They painted thier bodies with blue dye made from the Woad leaf. This was a counter-raid, as narrated from a civilian living in a small town.

    PS. All of this was made by me.

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    Re: The Roman side of the story

    Pretty good! I don't know if this is much, but you misspelled 'their'.

    Other than that, it's awesome! Keep it up.
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    Re: The Roman side of the story

    Thats pretty good, Its not my kind of thing but its pretty cool.

    Courts? JK

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