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    Apocaclypse - Day 1


    I don't know how much more I take take, over and over again, constant misfortunates. Before I know it, I'll be sucked into this madness.

    Day 1-
    I wake up in my bed, still in a dormant, I sit up. I realize, today is December 21, 2012. I have know idea what will become of this day, but so far everything seems normal. Yesterday was my birthday, I got a new flatscreen from my parents, and 200$ from my aunt and uncle. But my most treasured gift, was an old swiss army knife that I got from my grandfather. I stand up, walk to my window, and gaze at the snow. Snow. Look's like heaven in the cloud's some people say, but we don't know for sure if it'll all go downhill. I get dressed and go downstairs. I pour a killer bowl of cornflakes, and just about when I was going to drown it in milk, the TV turns on. "Dad?", I said, "Is that you?" No one was there. I strutted to the family room, I look at the TV, static. "Wierd, must be the snow screwing up the circuits. Dad needs to get the goddamn wireing updated." I turn off the TV and eat my breakfast. Later, while I'm up in my room, I get a call on my cellphone. I didn't recognize the number, so I ignored it. I look outside again, then I was freaked out. All the snow melted, just like that. "What the fuck happened?" I said. I go downstairs and walk outside, it felt like it was 90 degrees outside! I see my neighbor outside checking it out too. "Hey Connor, what happened?", I said,"Dunno, guess a heatwave?", Yeah, a heatwave in the winter, makes perfect sense. "I'm freaked out man.", I said,"Yeah me too bro." just then Connor's mom came out and said,"Guy's! Watch the news!" We go inside his house, and watch the TV. "Well I guess what the Mayan's said was true.", I said.

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    Re: Apocaclypse - Day 1

    [s:367qk0eu]mitch. Would you like to be a judge in the collab? Also. to send a .piv file to the darkdemon beginner collab email (DDBeginnerCollab@gmail.com) you click attach a file and pick the .piv file you are going to use. Post any further questions on the official thread, or youtube video.[/s:367qk0eu]

    I need to not advertise a collaboration in the literature section and I need to learn how to not spam, maybe I should read the rules like a civil being.


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