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    The Shadow [Poetry]

    The Shadow chases me,
    I continue to run,
    He creeps up behind me,
    This wonít be fun.
    It moves in such a way,
    Just like me,
    That it creeps me out,
    I have to pee.
    It is pitch black,
    Like the night sky,
    Itís missing stars,
    Theyíve gone awry.
    I slow down, realizing my fault,
    That monster is mine,
    Not yours or my mom's,
    I smile, then I shine.
    the noob flamer[/center:37qg4wyd]

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    Re: The Shadow [Poetry]

    Did you try at all when making this? The "I have to pee" and "Not yours, not my mom's" were big "turn-offs" for poetry's sake.
    Not that great.


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