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    15 days (joint with warlock)

    San Francisco. 2056. A bustling industrial filled with rushed business men and women. On every corner there lies a desperate or financially troubled family owned shop or boutique. During these times, man fends for himself, and helps no other in the process. No donations, no gestures of kindness, not even a friendly hello. The economy is crashing. Large structures all over the world that used to tower over the citizens are no crushed 1500 feet in the ground, and noone can do anything about it. The world is struggling. Humans are now a dying race. Millions of bodies litter the streets, while the living step over them as if they were bugs. The city is a ghost town. These days, people stay in there houses and never go outside. These days, small stores are obsolete. And this day, a man crashes through the front door of his house onto the street and looks to the sky as he falls on his knees.

    "Why, god? Why have you forgotten us?! Why have you cursed us with this undying satanist world?! Why?! Do you laugh at our foolishness?! I ask you, what is so funny?!" The man paused for a moment, panting. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!"

    A police car came to a perfect stop just in front of the man. Noone got out. Instead, a robotic voice said to him,

    "Citizen. Hold out your hand." The shaking man stood on his feet, and raised his hand toward the car. The front right window closed and a robotic hand slowly creeped out of the shadows. In it's metallic grip was a steely blade with a thick, clear, gelatinous gel.

    "Closer, citizen," came the robotic voice again. The man crept closer to the chrome hand, shivering madly. Periodically, whimpers would come from him. The moment his hand was in range, the robotic hand thrust the knife into his palm. The man shrieked painfully as the gel shocked his entire body.

    "Name: Jon Vander. Classification: Middle Class. Family: deceased. Gender: Male. Height: 6'2''. Citizen. Get in the city security unit." The man paused in fright for a moment, and turned to bolt away running from the car. He was screaming like a mad man. The car started again, speeding toward the running man. It ran him over like a bug. About ten feet ahead, it stopped again, and backed up onto the body. It paused for a second, and drove off again. The man was gone. I was watching from the sidewalk. It was at that moment that I noticed noone was in the car.
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    Re: 15 days (joint with warlock)

    why did you make 2 topics of the exact same thing?
    but this is a good story, mankind being left to die and rot where all morlas mean nothing and the only security is killing us


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