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    The End of the Halcyon Pt.2

    Private Gregory
    New York, January 2, 5:21 am.
    As the skies started to lighten up, small shadows slowly aproached.
    The Patrol guards ran the alarm and manned their stations.
    As the cannons fired, the shadows blew up one by one.
    Several amphibious ships and skyhawks charged.
    A hale of bullets came charging to the Russian Aircrafts.
    Then all became quiet.
    Then the second wave came coming down, millions of airplains
    darkened the newly brightened sky.
    Then, hell broke loose.
    All you could see in the New Your sea shore were gunshots and explosions.
    The sky started getting brighter as the airplanes started exploding.
    Suddenly, the mother ship came..
    then all hope and morale were lost.

    Major Iglecias
    Mexico City, January 2,5:30 am
    As New York starts to fall,
    the beggining of the end for Mexico City has begun.
    As Marco Iglecias commands his squad to man their stations,
    the sky was filled with motherships shooting giant shells holding at least 10 men
    As they fall, a rettaliation of bullets brought them back.
    Ask the fireworks began, so did the raid.
    The Forces were distracted and were attacked from the rear.
    10000 men came marching behind mexico city.
    Hope was gone.[/center:1anummpf]

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    Re: The End of the Halcyon Pt.2

    Not bad,keep at it and u'll become better...

    Credz to [AC] for supah sig.
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